Les Mills in Dublin 24

13 Mar 2019

Westpark Fitness is proud to offer Les Mills in Dublin 24. These world famous fitness classes provide you with fun, effective and innovative ways to reach your health and fitness goals. By placing a focus on technology and the physical space, the classes make for an immersive experience with fitness as the focus. Below are the Les Mills classes that we currently hold in our premier fitness facility based in Tallaght, Dublin 24.


As one can assume from the name of this Les Mills class, it focuses on fitness being achieved through balance exercises. Largely yoga-based with elements of Pilates and Tai Chi included; each thirty to sixty minute class aims to achieve a sense of balance between both your body and mind. An ideal way to relax and unwind while still keeping your health and fitness goals in firm focus – this is yet another popular Les Mills class.

les mills in dublin 24 male gym instructor in a gym studio holding a barbell


Motivating and music-led (with a backing track curated to work on beats per minute, tempo and intensity); this class is perfect for those who like to see a visible ‘pump’ effect after their workout. It works the major muscle groups by incorporating compound and isolation moves such as squats and deadlifts. Yet another great benefit is how bone density can be built up as a side effect. Bodypump lasts between thirty to sixty minutes.

CX Worx

An intense thirty-minute core-based class, CX Worx is perfect for those looking to target and tone their midsection. It uses a mixture of your own bodyweight, free weights and resistance bands / tubing. These exercises work to challenge your core, balance, coordination and functional strength while developing the muscles within your trunk (your mid-section to your shoulders). CX Worx is once again another very effective Les Mills class.


Known as a fun and high-intensity workout, it fuses aerobic and co-ordination techniques for a set of exercises that challenge both the mind and body. Classes last between thirty to sixty minutes at a time and regardless of which one you choose, your body can burn calories for up to thirty minutes even after the class (known as the ‘epic effect’). Grit is one of our more popular classes by Les Mills in Dublin 24.

les mills in dublin 24 two woman in a gym studio exercising


One of our newest classes on offer, this class lasts between thirty to forty-five minutes and is ideal to help you get fitter, faster and stronger. Like the name suggests, it is designed to tone the muscles of your body while helping to accelerate fat loss as your heart rate spikes and calories get burned. Tone incorporates both balance and strength techniques while placing an emphasis on your core.

Interested in Les Mills in Dublin 24? See our class timetables here.

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