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Chloe Jade

Hi everyone my name is Chloe, I am a personal trainer here in Westpark Fitness. I have been here for six years teaching all gym classes and helping people out on the gym floor with programming. My passion is to help people to change their lives in the simplest most realistic way as possible. I believe everyone deserves the right to a good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out. This career path is an obvious choice for me as I have the natural ability to coach and motivate my clients and to achieve amazing results. Along with the skills that I have developed over the years I am able to design good programmes with effective results also pinpoint flaws within a clients nutritional and lifestyle habits and correct them in a way that is both easy to understand and is manageable within their current needs and circumstances.


personal training in tallaght

Gerard Minihan

My name is Ger and I have been dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals for the past 13 years. In that time I have enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients; from high-performance athletes to people just looking to lose some weight. As a personal trainer, my role is to provide support, encouragement, guidance, advice and motivation for my clients. The true value of one-to-one training means that all the focus is on you, your progress, your goals and your individual journey. I implement progressive assessment for lasting results and take a holistic approach with my clients, helping them achieve their ambitions by examining their current fitness, health, social and lifestyle circumstances.

With all of the above I can then work closely with clients to make the necessary adjustments so that they can achieve the results that they want. I am currently based in Westpark Fitness in Tallaght and I particularly like dealing with post-rehab clients – working on their functional movement patterns and correcting any structural imbalances which I find in their assessment process. Clients looking to lose weight will have to look no further as I have some really good nutritional and physical fitness programs to cater for you and your goals.

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Lesley Moore

My name is Lesley and I love helping people on their fitness journey. I have been working in Westpark Fitness since 2021. Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and confident with themselves inside and out. I particularly like working with women who are new to the gym, may have some gym anxiety and need guidance – also pre and post natal too. The work I do with clients goes beyond the gym floor, it is also support and motivation to take with you everyday. If you need help and guidance on your fitness journey, e-mail me and we can chat.


personal training in tallaght

Marcin Konkel

I train a mixture of both athletes and those who may be new to the gym or need to improve their current workout and exercise routine. For me, the most important aspect to implement when it comes to training is how balanced and good your food is. It is also a crucial aspect of your performance to recognise your mistakes and fix them. Therefore I am helping my clients to achieve their goals with healthy and balanced programs which help to fix many mistakes which are made especially at weightlifting or training with high intensity. Remember it is your choice on how good you want to be – but my job is to bring you to that goal. For any more information and for pricing, please e-mail me.



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