Environmental Management 2023

1. Environmental Policy

Westpark Fitness prides itself in its vigilance in working to continuously improve the way we care for the environment. We closely monitor day-to-day business practices with that in mind. Westpark Fitness has been working with SEAI through the exceed grant program to make our premises as energy efficient as possible. We have also partnered with a private energy consultancy to help us in this regard.

Westpark Fitness being green and energy efficient is a major priority for the club. Listed in our Policy is initiatives that are taking place and future plans. A detailed look at all we are doing as club can be seen in our Environmental folder in club, including all audits etc.

2. Why Westpark Fitness are Green

  • By using heat recovery technology in our air and water heating
  • Properly insulated pipe work to cut down on the heat loss
  • Push button showers and taps
  • Light sensors on all external lighting
  • Self-powered fitness equipment
  • All air conditioning / air handing plant censored to react to co2 levels in common areas
  • A policy of trying to contact our members through text or email cutting down the use of paper
  • Pool and Jacuzzi cover to insulate during non-usage
  • Utilising as much natural light to cut down on energy needed for lighting
  • Fully utilise our waste management program to include recycle bins and paper bins
  • Annual energy audits to reassess and review our green policy in partnership with SEAI
  • Variable speed air handling
  • Switch to energy saving slower speeds out of hours
  • Well insulated walls and roof to reduce thermal gains and losses
  • Building management system software ensuring the energy levels needed to run the club are automated and at a minimum
  • A comprehensive range of sensors for air conditioning allowing optimum use of temperature ranges and cutting down energy usage
  • Sauna and steam rooms are on timers
  • Computers are changed to “energy saver” mode which will automatically change to the state of low consumption
  • Computers are turned off a night saving an average of 25% of its annual energy bill
  • Printers are turned off at night
  • Recycle bins are on all levels of the club
  • Members are reminded of their assessments by texts
  • Happy birthdays are sent to our members electronically instead of a birthday card
  • Christmas cards are sent electronically to our members
  • Assessment reminders are sent by SMS text
  • There is a batterie recycle bin at reception to dispose of used batteries

Signed by Owner: Maggi Mooney

Signed by Energy Champion: Kevin Doyle

3. Environmental Energy Initiatives to 2022

  • VSD PUMPS installed on pool pumps
  • All VSD pumps for air and water replaced
  • New Heat exchangers installed for pool and spa
  • Association with green hospitality Ireland, SEAI and private consultancy
  • Both pool and spa filter media changed to make more energy efficient
  • Maintenance contracts in place to ensure all air handling units working to optimum capacity
  • Chiller unit installed
  • 3 x new ahus replaced in conjunction with SEAI
  • 32 new coil cooling units installed

4. Environmental Management Partners

1. Maurice Bergin – Green Hospitality

2. Sirus – Building energy solutions

3. Easi lighting – Energy management/low carbon lighting

4. City bin company – Environmental waste disposal

5. SEAI – Exceed program

6. Energy Audit 2021 – James Raleigh and associates

7. Exemplar energy consultants – Bill competition

8. Electric Ireland- Gas + electric provider

9. AWTA Cleaning supplies

10. Aqualine engineering – Pool Management

5. Future Projects

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Solar energy option
  • Setting up an energy committee to set KPI’s and measure results
  • Option of wind energy


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