Club Policies




  1. Membership entitles the member to use of all club facilities provided for the periods recorded on the face of this Membership agreement from the date of application once they are not in arrears in respect of any instalment due to the company or in beach of any of the other conditions herein. Photo I.D. and Utility Bill required. Our gymnasium is strictly over 18’s. All members agree to have their photo taken for our membership system to ensure there is no transfer of membership.
  2.  The member shall not sell, assign or transfer this contract, or his / her membership.
  3. The maximum age of a child entering a different gender changing room is six years of age. No child over the age of six can be permitted into a different sex changing room. There are family changing cubicles located on the pool deck and within the changing rooms for added privacy.
  4. The Member agrees that Membership shall automatically continue from year to year on the same terms unless stated and that the payment due shall be the ruling membership rate unless the member has informed the company by written notification to terminate their membership.
  5. Payments by instalment are due regardless of club usage. There will be no refunds or transfer for non-attending members.
  6. The company is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal items or damage to personal property or injury to the Member whether on the club premises or in the facility areas or in the club parking areas or grounds. Please use lockers provided. Locks may be purchased in club. Westpark Fitness reserve the right to break padlocks in certain circumstances.
  7. The Fitness Club will exercise its best endeavours to ensure that all facilities, equipment and machinery is kept and maintained in full running and working order but accept no responsibility for failure or breakdown therein and Member hereby acknowledges and agrees that any such failure or breakdown shall in no way relieve the Member from responsibilities hereunder and in no way give the member any right of redress or course of action against Westpark Fitness Centre.
  8. Smoking and / or vaping within the club is not allowed. Eating is only allowed in designated areas.
  9. By signature of Membership Agreement the Member confirms that they and all persons covered by this Membership Agreement are physically and mentally fit to proceed with the normal routines of exercise and that neither the Company nor the Club will be responsible for any injury, accident or loss suffered by the Member or any other persons covered by this Membership Agreement.
  10. The Member hereby agrees that they and all other persons/guests covered by this Membership Agreement will use the facilities of Westpark Fitness Centre entirely at their own risk and that neither the Company nor the Club shall have any liability whatsoever, whether in tort or in contract, for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever sustained by them. The Member accepts full responsibility for their and the use of all other persons covered by this Membership Agreement of all facilities, appliances, privilege or services whatsoever at their own risk and indemnify and holds harmless the Club and the Company or their Shareholders, Directors, Officers,Employees, Representatives,Agents or Lessors from any and all loss, claim, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by the Member or their property, howsoever caused.
  11. Thirty days notice must be given in writing of your intention to cancel your Direct Debit. Membership fees are due up to the date of such cancellation. Direct Debit Membership is a rolling membership until cancelled by the member. The minimum term on a direct debit membership is 6 months, the exception to this is our student flexi with a minimum term of 2 months.
  12. Temporary suspension of membership is only permitted for medical reasons, proof of which must be given by means of a doctors note. Members must produce a letter on return to say they are clear to return to exercise.
  13. Unpaid Direct Debits can be paid in club or over the phone.
  14. Under 16 members must be accompanied by and adult and kept under strict supervision at all times and may only use the changing and pool facilities.
  15. Westpark Fitness reserve the right to refuse admission.
  16. Club Rules must be obeyed at all times. Failure to do so may result in termination of membership. For a copy of the club rules please see reception.
  17. The use of cameras including camera phones is not permitted in the changing areas or on the pool deck without prior agreement with Westpark. No photos of children may be taken on site.



  1. Acceptance of an application for Membership of each Club is at our absolute discretion (although we will exercise our discretion reasonably and in compliance with applicable laws).
  2. Membership entitles Members to use the facilities available from time to time at this Club.
  3. Please contact Westpark Fitness if you would like further details of the different types of Westpark memberships that are available. Each category of membership has different restrictions, conditions and benefits. Another category of membership may be of interest to you if your requirements or circumstances change.



  1. Each new member is issued with a membership card upon joining the club.
  2. There is a fee, as set out in the current Club Price List for the replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards.
  3. Each Member must swipe their card for access on entering the club. Any Member attending the Club without a valid Membership Card will be asked for proof of identification upon entry.
  4. It is not permitted for a member to give their membership card to anyone else as membership is personal and covers only the member’s use of the Club.
  5. If for any reason, a member needs to terminate their membership, surrender of the membership card and TGS key (where applicable) to Westpark Fitness is required.
  6. Should Westpark Fitness feel it is necessary to terminates a member’s contract, this shall result in that member being permanently disqualified from the Westpark Fitness.



NOTE: No guests allowed until further notice.

  1. Members over the age of 18 may bring guests over the age of 18 to a Club upon payment of: (a) the guest fee as set out in the relevant Club price list current at the time of the guest’s visit charged by the Club.
  2. Members must accompany their guest at all times and the Member who brings the guest remains responsible for their guest’s conduct whilst they are in a Club. Members should ensure guests are competent in using the club equipment, if unsure the assistance of a staff member should be sought. The Member may not leave that Club prior to their guest’s departure.
  3. Certain former Members, persons who have applied for Memberships but have been rejected and former Members of staff may be ineligible to be a Member, or guest, of a Club. If in doubt, the Member should check with a Club’s management for advice.
  1. A Member who has “frozen” his/her Membership will not be allowed access to any Club (including as a guest).
  2. Members must ensure their guests pay the appropriate guest fee or surrender a valid guest pass (if applicable) before accompanying them into a Club.
  3. Members must ensure that their guests comply with these Rules.
  4. A person may be allowed to enter as a visitor to the Club by prior arrangement/appointment subject to Westpark fitness’s absolute discretion and may be required to pay the visitor fee as set out in the relevant Club price list current at the time of visit.



  1. Opening times for a Club will be prominently displayed at the relevant Club.
  2. You are respectfully requested to leave the gymnasium and pool areas half an hour before the Club is due to close and to leave the Club premises punctually at time of closing.
  3. You may not bring pets (other than guide dogs) onto the Club premises.
  4. No photos are allowed be taken in our changing rooms or pool deck. If taking pictures in any other part of the building they must not contain any other members without their written permission.
  5. We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots of you for press or promotional purposes. However, where reasonably possible we will ask you to sign a use of image rights form (a “Westpark fitness photography reproduction authorization form”) to consent to this usage.
  6. You must not consume any food or drink in the Club that you have bought in from outside the Club.
  7. We reserve the right to show potential Members and other individuals the facilities of a Club on a trial basis.



  1. You must sign the health commitment statement before using any facility of a Club.
  2. You should seek instruction before using unfamiliar equipment.
  3. You may not bring your own Personal Trainers into a Club.
  4. Appropriate clean exercise clothing and shoes must be worn while exercising.
  5. Gymnasium equipment must not be used for longer than 15 minutes during busy periods.
  6. You are asked to wipe down gymnasium equipment after use.
  7. You are asked to arrive at the gymnasium five (5) minutes prior to any personal training or induction appointment. We reserve the right to: refuse to re-book an appointment for you if you repeatedly cancel (with less than 24 hours’ notice) or fail to keep an appointment for services and / or exercise programmes.
  8. You may not use the gymnasium whilst under the influence of alcohol or anticoagulant, antihistamines, beta-blockers, narcotics, or tranquillisers. If you have high or low blood pressure, heart disease and / or diabetes you should consult your doctor prior to using a Club.



  1. You must pre-book certain classes to ensure your participation in them.
  2. Class timetables and instructors are subject to change from time to time without notice.
  3. You are requested not to open the doors whilst a class is in progress, as this may interfere with the operation of the air-conditioning system
  4. In order to avoid disturbing classes, you are requested to arrive in good time. Entrance to classes will be barred to anyone arriving more than five (5) minutes late and a minimum of 3 members is required for a class to commence.
  5. Where, in the opinion of an instructor, a class is overcrowded, the instructor may restrict the number of attendees at that class.
  6. An instructor may, at any time, ask you to leave a class if you are jeopardising the safety or enjoyment of others.
  7. We reserve the right to limit you to participating in only one exercise class per day. All studio rules are posted outside the studios.



  1. You should conduct yourself in a quiet and well-mannered fashion when in or about a Club and in a manner that will not disturb or impair the use and enjoyment of that Club by any other person. In particular you may not use foul, loud or abusive language, nor will you molest or harass other Members, guests, visitors or Members of staff. You may not bring, use or be under the influence of illegal drugs in any part of a Club. You may not bring any intoxicating liquor into a Club or be drunk in a Club.
  2. We may terminate your Westpark Membership (if applicable) and may refuse you entry into a Club or eject you from a Club if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these Rules or your Membership contract (if applicable) or you engage in any other serious misconduct.
  3. Members of a Club, their guests and visitors and members of staff should at all times display mutual respect for each other.
  4. Complaints should be communicated privately to a member of the relevant Club’s management, or in writing through the suggestion/comments boxes or by post to the Club General Manager.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of a Club.
  6. You must be dressed in suitable attire at all times when on Club premises and appropriate exercise clothing is required whilst exercising in a Club. Guidance as to suitable attire may be obtained from the Club General Manager who may, at his/her discretion, require you to leave a Club premises or part ofF a Club premises, if your attire is not considered suitable.
  7. Only one individual is permitted in a shower cubicle at any one time (with the exception of a parent or guardian who may take his/her own child into a shower cubicle with him/her).



  1. Lockers are made available subject to availability. You must provide your own padlocks and lock your locker whilst in use, both for security, and to show other people that the locker is occupied. Westpark fitness does not undertake that use of a locker will guarantee that no theft of or damage to your property will occur. You should check that your household contents or other insurance policy protects you against any risk of theft.
  2. Lockers may only be used for the purposes of keeping gym kit, toiletries and the clothing that you were wearing when you came to a Club. The keeping of any other items in a Club’s lockers is prohibited. If Westpark fitness has reasonable grounds to suspect that a locker is being used in breach of this Rule, Westpark fitness reserves the right to open the locker in question (by force if necessary) and remove any offending items.
  3. With the exception of any designated private lockers, lockers are available for use only whilst you are on a Club’s premises. Use of a locker (other than any designated private lockers) whilst not on Club premises is prohibited. If you leave your belongings overnight in a locker (other than in any designated private locker), Westpark fitness reserves the right to open the locker (by force if necessary) and remove your belongings.
  4. Your belongings if removed will be available for collection from the relevant Club’s reception for a period of seven (7) days. If you do not collect your belongings within seven (7) days, your belongings may be donated to charity.
  5. Please report any breakages to lockers at reception.
  6. Where available lockers remain the property of the Club and locker keys must not be taken from that Club’s premises at any time.



  1. Our car parks may only be used by members, guests and visitors whilst they are on Club premises. You may not leave your car in our car parks at any other time (for example, you may not leave it there following a Club visit while you go shopping elsewhere).
  2. No unauthorised parking is permitted on Club premises. Where car parking spaces are designated for use by Members, cars must be parked properly in such spaces or they will be clamped and a fee may be charged (where applicable) for removal of the clamp.



  1. For reasons of health and hygiene you must: (a) obey the instructions of our lifeguards; (b) always shower before entering the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi or swimming pool; (c) not consume or store or bring into the changing rooms or swimming pool area, any food or drink or any kind of glass container; (d) only shave in the wash basins provided; and (e) not dry clothing or towels in the sauna. This constitutes a serious fire hazard. Each Club’s management reserves the right to limit you to 20 minutes in the swimming pool if it is busy. You must: (a) wear long hair up, or in a swimming cap, whilst in the swimming pool; (b) not run around, jump or dive into the swimming pool; (c) comply with any swimming direction posted in the swimming pool area; and (d) wear conventional swimming costumes only.   
  2. No balls, floats or inflatable are permitted in the swimming pool area other than those provided by the Club.
  3. The swimming pool areas may from time to time be reserved for adults only, swimmers only or swimming lessons. Prior notice will be displayed on Club notice boards.
  4. Heads should never be submerged in the Jacuzzi.
  5. You may not use the saunas, steam rooms or Jacuzzi whilst under the influence of alcohol or anticoagulant, antihistamines, beta-blockers, narcotics, or tranquillisers. If you have high or low blood pressure, heart disease, cardiac irregularities, asthma and/or diabetes and if you are pregnant you should consult your doctor prior to using our Club facilities. Information guidelines are displayed outside all sauna, steam rooms and Jacuzzis.
  6. You should use the steam room, sauna, swimming pool and Jacuzzi (where applicable) in moderation and under medical advice.
  7. When using the steam room and/or sauna, you are requested to wear swimming attire, both saunas and steamrooms will turn off 30 minutes before club closing times.



  1. Must be booked at reception.
  2. The child or adult must already be a member of the club.
  3. The lessons are one-to-one private swimming lessons.
  4. They can be booked for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday @ 3.30pm or 4.15pm.
  5. Charges: 1 Adult = €30 / 1 child = €25 or €40 for 2 children on the same level.
  6. The lessons are 40 minute sessions each.
  7. You will be charged the full amount upon booking.
  8. If you wish to cancel / move a booking it must be done up to 1 day prior to lesson commencing to avoid the full charge.
  9. If cancelled/ moved on the day of the lesson, the full charge will be taken and any re-bookings will be charged separately.
  10. If you do not show for your swim lesson this can not be rescheduled and no refund will be given.



  1. You must use the main entrance to a Club when entering or leaving that Club.
  2. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and you must not interfere with fire doors for any reason.
  3. You must read the health & safety notices posted outside any equipment or facility in a Club and comply with their recommendations.



  1. Child Members aged up to 16 must be under direct adult supervision at all times unless involved in organized children’s activities or supervised within Club.
  2. Child Members may only be brought into a Club if accompanied by their Parent or legal guardian or any other person who has been registered with us as someone who may bring the Child Member into the Club and take responsibility for them.
  3. A Member may be asked to remove his/her child from the Club if, in the opinion of the Club management, the child is upset, ill, or is causing problems for Club staff.
  4. Child Members aged up to 6 may change in either sex change room, under supervision and in designated areas only. Family changing cubicles are provided in both sets of changing rooms and on the pool deck.



  1. Child Members aged up to 16 may not use the Jacuzzi, spa, sauna or steam facilities.
  2. The ages of children allowed to use the pool vary according to local guidelines and insurance advice. Please refer to the relevant Club’s notice board.
  3. Where children are allowed to use the swimming pool the following rules apply: (a) children may only use the swimming pool between the times posted within the Club, and these may vary on occasion; (b) children must be accompanied by an adult (maximum two (2) children per adult); (c) the adult must accompany children into the pool area and must remain there as they remain responsible for the child’s / children’s behaviour and safety; and (d) child members up to the age of 16 may not use the designated swimming lanes.



  1. Child Members under the age of 16 may not use the gymnasium or participate in regularly scheduled classes.



  • Every member MUST shower before entering the pool. Signs are up & a recorded message goes off each time the doors to the pool opens to remind people to shower.
  • A swimming hat MUST BE worn at all times.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No children under the age of 16 are allowed into the Jacuzzi.
  • There are two lanes for swimming & are only to be used for swimming, no children in the lanes unless they can swim.
  • There is no diving into the pool.
  • Pool opening hours are from 6:00am-9.30pm Mon-Thurs, 6:00am-8:30pm Fri, 8:00am–5.30pm Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays. Children’s hours are 10:30am-6:00pm Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:30pm Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays.

For full list of pool rules please see signage on pool deck.



  • Every member MUST shower before entering the pool. Signs are up & a recorded message goes off each time the doors to the pool opens to remind people to shower.
  • A swimming hat MUST BE worn at all times.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No children under the age of 16 are allowed into the Jacuzzi.
  • There are two lanes for swimming & are only to be used for swimming, no children in the lanes unless they can swim.
  • There is no diving into the pool.
  • Pool opening hours are from 6:00am-9.30pm Mon-Thurs, 6:00am-8:30pm Fri, 8:00am–5.30pm Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays. Children’s hours are 10:30am-6:00pm Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:30pm Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays.
  • The pool door to the plant room must be kept closed at all times.
  • The Jacuzzi is on a timer it runs for 15 mins & goes off for 5 mins.
  • Blue shoe covers are to be worn over your shoes when walking around the pool.
  • Flip flops are to be worn by people using the Pool/Jacuzzi.
  • Benches and family cubicles are provided for parents bringing their children to swimming lessons.



Westpark Fitness is a National Quality Standard (NQS) facility, which at all times ensure the safety and wellbeing of its members especially children first document and code of ethics in sport for children. All our staff are Garda vetted before being involved in kid’s fitness. We also have a designated liaison person should there be any suspicion of child abuse that is specifically trained to deal with such allegations.

The D.L.P for Westpark is

Sharon Hogan 01-4626911


Social Welfare Contact

Dublin Southwest District D24 014520666


In designing our child admission policy to the pool, a risk assessment was carried out. Looking carefully at:

  • The physical environment, design and pool layout
  • The activities being undertaken
  • The participants’ age, maturity and swimming ability
  • Any equipment being used

Westpark pool is a 20m x 8m pool, save depth throughout. The pool is for the most part un programmed except for the swimming lessons. The pool is a private members pool only open to club members. The following points make up our child admission policy.


The age at which children need to be accompanied.

  1. Children under the age of sixteen should always be accompanied in the water during un programmed sessions.
  2. 0-3years 1 adult to 1 child, 1 adult to 2 children under 3 if both are wearing armbands.
  3. 4-7years, 1 adult to 3 kids if all are wearing armbands.
  4. 16+no supervision needed


The person accompanying children

A responsible person should be accompanying all children under 16 years into the pool. They need to be in the water with the child. Whilst in the pool they must maintain a constant watch over the child they are responsible for. Children should never be left on the poolside or in the pool without an accompanying responsible person. This person must be over 18.


Children’s use of changing rooms

Responsible persons accompanying children to a pool should be able to take under 6’s into an opposite sex changing room. Where there is no other person to take the child into the same sex changing room.

Young children of the opposite sex in an open changing room or showering area may cause embarrassment hence discretion should be exercised, and due consideration shown by accompanying adult and other adults in the presence of a child. The main consideration is always the welfare and safety of the child.

Family cubicles– family cubicles are provided both in the ladies and gents changing room and also on the pool deck itself to facilitate parents with young children. Families should be encouraged to use these when using the pool.



 Changing Rooms:

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. There are family changing cubicles and family showers in both the Ladies/Gents changing rooms.

Children over the age of 6 must use their own gender changing rooms or use the family changing rooms located on the pool deck. If they wish not to change or shower in our facilities, they may do so at home.

If children with disabilities are participating their carers should decide how they should be assisted. There is a disabled toilet / shower area if they need to use it.

Injuries and Illness

Guidelines are in place if an accident occurs on the premises – accident report forms must be filled out by the parent / guardian and witness by a member of staff. If the child needs medical attention the club will arrange that immediately for them & their parents/carer is informed as soon as possible. Up do date records are kept of any relevant medical condition

Collection by parents/guardians/carers

Apart from swimming lessons children must be accompanied by their parents at all times, at swim lessons seats are provided for parents to sit & watch their children. If a parent/guardian or Carer is not on the premises for the duration of the swimming lesson they will have been told prior to the commencement of the courses the time the lessons starts and finishes at.

Guidelines for late collection:

Parent/Guardian must stay on the premises for the duration of the swimming lessons and be available to attend to the child should they be required at any stage during and after the lessons. No child should be left alone in club.


When using discipline, it should be with the clear intention of teaching or reinforcing appropriate behaviour. It must not be used impulsively, to gain power or to embarrass or humiliate a child/young person. Discipline should only be used to:

  1. Develop a sense of responsibility for behaviour
  2. Develop respect for others and their property
  3. Reinforce the rules of the club
  4. Reinforce positive behaviour or attitudes
  5. Reinforce awareness of health and safety aspects of the club.


Staff Ratio:

General Guide:

1 adult for every 6 pupils aged 5 to 8

1 adult for every 10-15 pupils aged 8 to 11.

1 adult for every 15-20 pupils aged 11 onwards.


Physical Contact:

Instructors may need some degree of physical contact with a child when involved in a sport (swimming), they may need it to instruct, encourage, protect or comfort. Physical contact during a sport is intended for the child’s needs NOT the adult’s. The instructor should explain the reason for the physical contact to the child, unless it is an emergency the instructor should ask the child’s permission.

The contact should not involve touching genital areas, buttocks or breasts. Physical contact should not take place in secret or out of sight. All injuries should be fully recorded by staff.

The instructor should only use physical contact to:

  1. Develop sports skills or techniques
  2. To treat an injury
  3. To prevent an injury
  4. To meet the requirements of a sport


Studio/ Spin Etiquette

  • Please inform the instructors if this is your first time to do this activity
  • Please consult a doctor before participating in any activity if you are unsure of the suitability of any class, or if you suffer from any medical complaint.
  • Please inform your instructor if you have any injuries / illnesses or pregnancy either before or during the class when your instructor will ask you if anybody has any of the above.
  • Participants will not be allowed into the studio once the warm up has commenced.
  • Footwear & clothing must be worn appropriate to the activity being taught.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • No children allowed in adult classes.
  • Adults must be on-site when their children are in classes.
  • Minimum age for class participation is 16. Please ask the Health & Fitness Manager or Studio Co-ordinator about classes suitable for juniors.
  • There must be a minimum of 3 people for a class to take place.
  • No changing or storage of personal property in the studio. Changing rooms & lockers are provided.
  • Water bottle and towels must be carried by all members.
  • There must be minimum of 2 people to do an RPM virtual class
  • Please do not attempt a virtual class until you have been given an instructions by an instructor
  • Spin classes should be booked on the Westpark App


Gym Floor Etiquette

  • Proper attire must be worn at all times.
  • Runners not shoes must be worn on the gym floor.
  • A towel & water bottle must be carried at all times.
  • Gym equipment must be wiped down after use.
  • Dumbbells must be placed back on racks provided after use.
  • Plates must be placed back on racks provided.
  • Please do not use machinery you are unsure of, or it is not on your programme ask an Instructor for advice before use.
  • No chewing gum on the gym floor or any other part of the club.
  • No glass bottles on the gym floor or any other part of the club.
  • Water & other drinks are supplied in the vending machines on the ground floor or from water coolers located on each floor
  • Please do not hog equipment between set


Aqua Etiquette

  • Please inform the instructor it is your first time to try Aqua.
  • It is compulsory that you must shower before entering the pool.
  • All members must be on time for class, if you are more then 5 mins late you will not be allowed to take part in the class.
  • Please inform Instructor if you have any injuries / illnesses / pregnancy or a non-swimmer, either before or during the class when your instructor asks if anybody has any of the above.
  • A swimming cap must be worn at all times.
  • Please bring a bottle of water and leave it all the pool side.
  • Members must be 18 or over to take part in the class.
  • No Children allowed in the pool till 10.30am Monday – Friday.
  • It is a 45min class and it is important you stay till the class is finished, if there is any reason that you must leave the class then you must completely stretch before leaving the class.



All Westpark staff provide service to the customers either directly or indirectly. All the staff must strive to meet the needs of our customers in a professional and ethical manner with courteous and efficient service. Staff and will:

  • treat all customers with respect and courtesy,
  • listen to what customers have to say and determine the exact nature of the request,
  • respond to customer enquiries promptly and efficiently,
  • act with integrity and honesty when dealing with customers,
  • provide relevant and timely feedback to the customer.



  • All the staff aim to project a professional image at all times to give customers consistent service experience,
  • Demonstrate respect, courtesy, patience, attentiveness, consideration and sensitivity to the customer at all times that is appropriate to the age, culture and linguistic background of the individual
  • Identify customer needs and expectations
  • Provide customer with advice and other information that is clear and concise
  • Take appropriate action and respond in accordance with organizational policies and procedures with minimal inconvenience to the customer
  • Make decisions using processes that are consultative, impartial and otherwise ethical
  • Adopt fair, lawful and appropriate procedures when making decisions, carrying out activities and performing services
  • Be sensitive to any language or other communication difficulties experienced by customers when providing advice and other information.
  • Be sensitive to any customers with disabilities when providing advice and other information.
  • Present a positive image of the club to the public
  • Demonstrate professionalism when dealing with difficult customers
  • Respond to customer enquiries promptly and efficiently, within allocated timeframes


Westpark Fitness is committed to:

  • Proactively promoting the facilities to people with disabilities.
  • Increase the percentage of users with disabilities within facility.
  • Ensuring that people with disabilities will be facilitated in all aspects of the club activity and they will not be disadvantaged by the by reason of having a disability.
  • Removing all barriers that prevent access to participation in the Westpark Fitness, for people with disabilities.
  • Ensuring all equipment in place for people with disabilities is kept up to date, managed and serviced, so as to maintain an ‘access for all’ environment.
  • The ‘Access for All’ environment and recognise that to ensure such integration, the staff members and trained and monitored with regards to people with disabilities using the facility.



To increase the participation of people with disabilities in physical activity and sport in Westpark Fitness Centre.



  • To enable people with disabilities to access inclusive fitness facilities/ equipment
  • Increase awareness of barriers experienced.
  • Consider the need for integrated or segregated activities
  • Develop a policy of inclusion
  • To pro-actively promote and market the availability of inclusive fitness equipment for people with disabilities.
  • To raise the profile and the value of sport, health amongst people with disabilities.
  • To further promote the pathways for disabled people to subsequently access and progress into existing or new sporting and leisure activities.



  • Car park spaces situated to the right of our front door. Easy access into the club.
  • A lift in the foyer to bring you into reception.
  • We have a portable induction loop system at reception.
  • Gate at reception to let you go through to the changing facilities.
  • A disabled toilet with shower / bench and locker facilities / alarm pull cord.
  • A lift to bring you to level 1 or level 2.
  • On both levels there are cable machines & dumbbells which are wheel chair accessible.
  • One level 1 we have an ergo meter bike – which is a cardio workout for the upper body.
  • All staff were put through a disability awareness workshop which was run through Ufit



This Safety Statement, in accordance with Section 20, of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, outlines the policy of Westpark Fitness Centre in relation to the management of health and safety.

The management of Westpark Fitness are committed to managing and conducting their work activities in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of their employees and others who may be affected by their business activities

Specifically, the management will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • The design, provision and maintenance of all places in a condition that is safe and without risk to health.
  • The design, provision and maintenance of safe means of access to and egress from places of work.
  • The design, provision and maintenance of equipment that is safe and without risk to health.
  • The provision of all systems of work that are planned, organized, performed and maintained so as to be safe and without risk to health.
  • The provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the safety and health at work of its employees.
  • The provision and maintenance of suitable protective clothing or equivalent as necessary to ensure the safety and health at work of its employees.
  • The preparation and revision as necessary of adequate plans to be followed in emergencies.
  • The safety and prevention of risk to health at work in connection with the use of any article or substance.
  • The provision and maintenance of facilities and arrangements for the welfare of employees at work.
  • Obtaining where necessary, the service of a competent person for the purpose of ensuring the safety and health at work of its employees.
  • The continuing updating of the safety statement
  • The provision of arrangements for consultation with employees on matters of health and safety.
  • Having regard to the general principles of prevention.

The detailed arrangements for achieving these objectives are set out in the main body of the Safety Statement.

Westpark Fitness Centre, are also committed to managing and conducting work activities in such a way as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any improper conduct or behaviour (including bullying/harassment) likely to put the safety, health or welfare at work of their employees at risk.

 The GM has overall responsibility for health and safety at the Westpark Fitness site. Day to day management of health and safety is the responsibility of Mr. Ben Kennedy.

 Employees share a responsibility with management in ensuring their own safety while at work. This Safety Statement requires the co-operation of all staff, visitors, members, contractors and others to enable the management of Westpark Fitness to discharge their responsibilities under the law.

Westpark Fitness is committed to upholding the standards outlined in this Safety Statement.  Sufficient authority and resources, both financial and otherwise, will be made available to enable staff to carry out their responsibilities in a reasonable and efficient manner.

All employees will be made aware of and have access to this Safety Statement.

The Safety Statement will also be available to third parties where appropriate.

Employees are encouraged to put forward suggestions for improvement to this document.

The Safety Statement will be reviewed in light of experience and future developments within the organisation.



How we use your information at Westpark Fitness – If you would like to know how we collect your information, how and what we use it for and how you can modify or access it, please read this notice.

Westpark Fitness – Westpark Fitness is a standalone, privately owned fitness club. We have over 4,500 members and are considered a data controller when it comes to your information.

How we collect information about you and your consent – There are a few ways that we can collect your information:

• When you join and fill out a membership book and/or direct debit mandate book in club
• When you join using our online option in club
• If you visit us as a guest or are a visitor on a course/contractor
• Through our website, app, my zone & social media sites
• Health and fitness reporting system
• CCTV footage

Cookies are used on our website as a way of the user’s computer storing data sent form our website, please visit for more information regarding this and how to disable it if you wish to do so.

We also use cloud technology to store data which includes your information provided as discussed above.

Consent – By consenting to your e-mail / address / mobile and photo being used you will be consenting to being contacted in relation to products, services and information updates by which ever method you have chosen. Your photograph is used as a method of identification upon entering the club.

How we keep your information safe – We control physical security in relation to the information and personal data that is contained at our facilities and restrict access to your information in buildings, computer rooms, office desk, technology areas, equipment and other facilities where unauthorised access by people could compromise our security. All proprietary or confidential information, including personal data, is contained or stored on computer and any that is contained and stored on manual files is locked up and secure. We control access to information and personal data, including existing procedures for authorising and authenticating users.

What your information is used for – Contacting you in relation to your membership/enquiries, including renewal and/or outstanding amounts due, special offers and monthly updates of club activities and/or specific information in relation to your membership/enquiries.

Your information and third parties – We only obtain your personal information for a specific purpose, any third party used are “compatible” with the specified purpose.

Accessing and managing your information – we try to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date. We may require you to verify on occasion that your information remains accurate. Please inform us of any changes to your personal data or if for any reason the information we have for you is inaccurate so that we can update it.

To request a copy of any personal data we hold on you, please contact us in writing.



Westpark Fitness is a Data Controller (as we do keep or process any information about living people). We have determined the purpose and means of processing personal data in line with the data protection 8 rules of compliance.

• Obtain and process the information fairly
• Keep it only for one or more specified and lawful purposes
• Process it only in ways compatible with the purposes for which it was given to you initially
• Keep it safe and secure
• Keep it accurate and up to date
• Ensure that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive
• Retain it no longer than is necessary for the specified purpose or purposes
• Give a copy of his/her personal data to any individual, on request


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