Swimming in Tallaght

Swimming in Tallaght

Westpark Fitness is a premier destination for swimming in Tallaght as we offer Ireland’s only stainless steel swimming pool, classes and swimming lessons! Due to social distancing restrictions, we will offer private swimming lessons for both adults and children (they must be members of Westpark Fitness). Dates and time for these lessons are to be announced. For all pool bookings and times (including Family Swims), please see the Westpark Fitness app.

Pool Timetable

While our pool is available for members to use at their leisure; there are some events that are on at certain times during the day. This includes classes (such as Aqua Fitness) and swimming lessons (for both adults and children). Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, please first check in with reception when booking children into the pool (reception@westpark.ie or call 014626911).

Pool Details

Our pool is 1.2 metres deep and twenty metres long. It is made from stainless steel - in fact it is the only stainless steel pool in Ireland! This offers you a more premium and hygienic experience and also makes the pool water naturally warmer. Once they are members, children can use it from 9am - 6pm under (those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over).

Pool Staff

We treat swimming in Tallaght very seriously and as such have our own dedicated lifeguard team to keep all swimmers safe and secure. While swimming can be an enjoyable experience for all, we always make sure to keep safety at the forefront for all involved. In tandem with this, our hygiene team always maintain the pool and pool area (including the jacuzzi).

More Information

For any more information on our pool, swimming lessons and Aqua Fitness classes, please contact reception@westpark.ie (or call us on 014626911) and we will be happy to help! If you are interested in a pool only membership at Westpark Fitness, please e-mail membership@fitness.ie to join and experience the difference at what is sure to become youe gym for life here in Tallaght.


We recently received a new award:

Ireland Active, National Quality Standard, Outstanding Leisure 2021

Ireland Active is a not for profit company limited by guarantee to provide support and services to create the platforms to professionalise our industry through standards and best practice whilst simultaneously developing the synergies to engage more people to be more active more often – thus providing for a healthier nation.


This accreditation is recognised by Ireland Active as the guarantee of professional qualifications in Ireland. It is the Gold standard for fitness professionals and the fitness industry here in Ireland, so it was important for us to have this in place for each member of our fitness team to bring the absolute best to our members. Click / Tap here to meet the team!


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