Swimming Lessons in Tallaght

Kids group swim lessons start back in April 2022!

Both six-week and eight-week courses are available for different levels – see the full details below. Registration for these lessons will begin from Tuesday the 22nd of March at 10am and you can register your child in person at reception or call our reception team on 014626911. Note that lesson places are only for the children of Westpark Fitness members.

Monday (4th April – 23rd May) – 6 week course (includes 2 bank holidays):

Beginners 1: 3.30pm – 4.10pm

Level 2: 4.15pm – 4.55pm

Improvers: 5pm – 5.40pm

Tuesday (5th April – 24th May) – 8 week course:

Beginners 1: 3.30pm – 4.10pm

Level 2: 4.15pm – 4.55pm

Improvers: 5pm – 5.40pm

Wednesday (6th April – 25th May) – 8 week course:

Beginners 1: 3.30pm – 4.10pm

Level 2: 4.15pm – 4.55pm

Swimmers: 5pm – 5.40pm

We offer private swimming lessons for both adults and kids here at Westpark Fitness every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12pm too! You can book these from the 1st of each month for the month after by calling our reception team on 014626911.

Each lesson lasts for 30mins and the price is €30 for an adult and €25 for a kid (or €35 per lesson for two kids of the same level). All of these swimming lessons in Tallaght are given by our lifeguard and swim instructor Ben. Ben has been with Westpark Fitness for years and he is also a coach for the Dublin lifesaving team. You can click / tap here to learn more about him!


We recently received a new award:

Ireland Active, National Quality Standard, Outstanding Leisure 2022

Ireland Active is a not for profit company limited by guarantee to provide support and services to create the platforms to professionalise our industry through standards and best practice whilst simultaneously developing the synergies to engage more people to be more active more often – thus providing for a healthier nation.


This accreditation is recognised by Ireland Active as the guarantee of professional qualifications in Ireland. It is the Gold standard for fitness professionals and the fitness industry here in Ireland, so it was important for us to have this in place for each member of our fitness team to bring the absolute best to our members. Click / Tap here to meet the team!


Our mission is a fitter planet

We have a proven track record in Tallaght helping over 18,000 local people achieve their goals over the last 20 years.


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