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We are proud to have many client success stories and transformations happen with the help of Westpark Fitness. From our facilities which include state-of-the-art gym machines and equipment, our fitness classes that include Les Mills, our friendly and helpful team of staff and even our stainless steel pool (the only one in Ireland!); we are your gym for life where you will experience the difference.

See and read about some of our success stories below and e-mail us at if you would like to be featured on this page too!

Paul Brady:

“I never really had the confidence or the mindset to start the training I do now. But after one workout in Westpark Fitness I was hooked! Both the staff and the atmosphere make everything so much easier.

It’s so true to say that joining that gym is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thank you so much to everyone at Westpark Fitness!”

Cameron Byrne:

“I was 111kg in the first picture and I’m now 92.3kg in the second picture. I joined Westpark Fitness at the start of September 2018 and by February 2019 I had lost almost 20kg thanks to the Myzone belt.

It gave me the driving force I needed to lose weight as it tracked the amount of calories I burned everyday and it made me understand progress is progress no matter how small.”

Ross Dunne:

“Westpark Fitness has helped me to lose weight and keep it off. I started training due to a warning from my doctor about high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The state of the art equipment and dedicated staff have made my experience easy and enjoyable.

I look forward to training now and will be taking part in my fifth indoor triathlon next month, something I couldn’t see myself doing a few years ago.”

Jessica Kane:

“I lost just over five stone with Westpark and more importantly have managed to keep it all off. The variety of equipment really allowed me to experiment in the gym and step outside my comfort zone.

I also did a lot of the classes which are great if you find it hard to motivate yourself. Thanks to Westpark Fitness for giving me the opportunity to become the most healthy version of myself!”

Cian Ball:

“I starting training back in Westpark since November and quickly started training with Lee. Since then I’ve lost over 20kg and reduced my body fat by nearly half in the space of three months. If it wasn’t for the great facilities and staff in Westpark Fitness I doubt I would have ever been able to finally cut my weight down.

I use a Myzone belt every time I train and it really makes me get the most out of my workouts both when I’m training on my own and when with Lee.”

Jean O’Brien:

“I joined Westpark Fitness with my son nearly five years ago now. I had been making good progress but got to a sticking point. I started personal training with Joanna at the end of 2016 for a few months. She helped me shed the last few pounds and gave me a lot of knowledge that I have kept with me. Since then I have found great support at Westpark Fitness and it’s very helpful having one of the instructors at home! 😂

Matthew has helped with tips and motivation through my journey! I love the classes at Westpark Fitness. They’re great for motivation to work harder! Because of the support . . . I have been able to keep the weight off!”


William Patchell:

“With a diet plan and nutritional advice from Marcin Konkel and specific exercises and workouts from the Westpark Fitness team (trainers Lee and Prabhat in particular); I was able to achieve my goals.

A big thanks to the lads as in twelve months I went from 17st 9lb down to 14st!”

Louise Patchell:

“I have been a member of Westpark Fitness for the last couple of years . . . it is by far the best gym around . . . great classes and great staff. I’m with Marcin Konkel the last two years in Westpark Fitness and have lost 27kg.

It is a great gym to workout in and has everything you need there for you to achieve your goals.”

Joseph Mogale:

“For a few years I had been training in a basic beginners gym of which I initially gained results, but very quickly hit a plateau. As soon as I joined Westpark Fitness last year, my results accelerated and I broke through this plateau due to the very advanced and diverse equipment that Westpark Fitness has to offer.

The swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi facilities also really helped me improve my recovery procedures.”

Rosanna Tully:

“I joined the Westpark Fitness gym three years ago when I took early retirement from work. I had also put on a lot of weight as I had gone to a size 18. While it was daunting at first, everyone made me feel very welcome and I got to meet the trainers and they are amazing.

The classes also are fantastic and I found by doing classes my fitness started to improve. As a person who has asthma, that was an added bonus. I can’t recommend Westpark Fitness enough, it was a lifesaver for me! I continue to go and while I may never be skinny, I am healthier and happier now.”

Paul Ryder:

“In the last year I knuckled down with the help of their staff to get my body to a point of where I’m comfortable and all the while enjoying my fitness and increasing my knowledge to help me improve. When I started in May 2018 my body fat was close to 17% and my weight was 80kg.

Now I am down to 13% body fat and at a weight of 67kg and am excited to increase my toning and strength. With the use of Myzone I was able to track my progress and my workouts which pushed me harder than ever to achieve my goal. I couldn’t have done this without the help of Alison, Lee and all the staff of Westpark Fitness!”

Rosie Gilvarry:

“I’d already lost three stones but I knew if I didn’t get my fitness right I wouldn’t be the happy, healthy person I wanted to be. I joined Westpark three years ago and while I was nervous about being a member of a gym properly for the first time in my life, all the trainers and staff made me feel so welcome.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the gym and trainers and how much it has helped me become a fitter and stronger person but mostly helped me believe in myself and my ability to achieve anything I set my mind to, even when it is hard . . . ESPECIALLY when it is hard. Do yourself a favour and sign up, you won’t look back. “

Glenn Mehta:

“Over a year at Westpark I lost 46kg (101 pounds, over 7 stone). The before and after show the results that anyone can achieve with the right help – Westpark was the secret to my success. I managed to keep it off over the next 18 months up until now, thanks to regular workouts at what I consider to be the best gym around.

I had been using different gyms for years with mixed or no results. But when I started at Westpark, I got an initial assessment, a diet plan and an achievable routine from Susan and Dave, the trainers I worked with. For the first time last summer, I felt confident on the beach and happy in myself.”


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