Virtual Aqua Fitness

Class Times:
Monday 1:00pm (30mins)
Monday 6:30pm (30mins)
Wednesday 1:00pm (30mins)
Wednesday 6:30pm (3omins)
Sunday 9:00am (30mins)

What is Virtual Aqua Fitness?

This is everything you love about our popular Aqua Fitness class, now on in the pool any time you want with this virtual on-demand option! Complete movements and exercises (you can choose from over a hundred different circuits) in the water guided by the instructors on the new huge screen at our pool. There will be both scheduled classes (see our app for the days and times) and classes you can complete whenever you want at your convenience – ranging from 10 min – 45 min sessions. In this class you burn up to 250 calories and more!

virtual aqua hydrohex westpark fitness dublin

How does it work?

The class is delivered by a software called Hydrohex and we are in the first in Ireland to have this and be able to offer it to our members! If you come along for any of the scheduled Virtual Aqua classes, there will be an instructor on the screen guiding you through the class in the pool. When there is not a scheduled class on, you can choose one of the on-demand classes on the screen using the waterproof remote control. Just like with Aqua Fitness, this is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Booking required for scheduled Virtual Aqua classes – see the class times and dates and book your place all on the Westpark Fitness app. You do not need to book any of the on-demand Virtual Aqua classes, feel free to complete one of these classes once there is availability at the pool.


10 mins – 45 mins


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