We are proud to use the Myzone fitness tech here at Westpark Fitness – a fitness tracker pod and app to motivate you to move and achieve your goals! Myzone itself (we have both the classic MZ-3 belt and newer Myzone Switch devices) is small and lightweight and measures your heart rate, calorie burn per workout, duration of your workout and your overall effort. It uses a points system called ‘meps’ so you can see just how hard you are working and monitor your progression as you work to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

The pod syncs to the free Myzone app to display and record your results and also show you which status you are at. The newer Myzone Switch shows you this with a light indicator on the pod – no need to check your phone to see what zone you are in! Meps add up to allow you to reach new levels (upon which you can receive free Myzone t-shirts at reception!) as you push yourself further as your strength and stamina increases. Enquire at reception to purchase a Myzone device (either the classic MZ-3 belt of Myzone Switch) and read on below to learn about the MZ-Fitness Test, our Myzone class and monthly challenges!

Myzone Fitness Test, Class and Challenges

MZ-Fitness Test
Learn how to simply assess your heart rate recovery on a regular basis both inside and outside of the gym with this fitness test. This is a great way to learn more about your heart health and it’s capacity to perform and recover with the use of the fitness tracker belt and app. Learn how to complete the test (and the steps involved) on the Myzone website – simply click / tap here!

We also hold a dedicated class for those who use the belt and app and want to complete exercises and movements specifically that works with them. If you do not have a belt, there are usually a couple spare that you can use for the class. Think of this as a great way to try them out before getting your own! Click / Tap here to learn more about our dedicated class.

It is recommended to try and reach at least 1,300 Meps per month to advance your fitness and your level on the app. Westpark Fitness also run challenges every month where you can be in with the chance of winning a One4All voucher; this helps incentivise members to use the fitness tech for specific exercises and movements. Message any of our Myzone coaches through the app to learn what the latest challenge is and what the prize up for grabs is!

NEW – Myzone Switch
Exclusive to Westpark Fitness members for €75 (cost price) instead of the RRP of €160, this is the newest version of Myzone. The Switch comes with an upgraded pod with an LED light to show what colour zone you are in – no need to check your phone! It comes with three straps for your wrist, arm and under your chest and you can buy different coloured straps as accessories on the Myzone website. A waterproof device, you can use it in the sea and swimming pools to still earn Meps. This makes the Switch the world’s first interchangeable exercise tracker for use at the gym, when outdoors or even in water! If you already have the classic MZ-3 belt, you can easily transfer your data to the new Myzone Switch and then give your older belt and pod to a friend or family member to enjoy!

Classic – MZ-3 Belt
This comes with a single strap for around your middle (worn just under your chest) and is used to measure heart rate, calorie burn, effort during exercise and more. The more movement you complete, the more meps you earn as the pod tracks these and records them on the Myzone app! You can also see on the app what coloured zone you are in at any given time – giving you a way to measure your progress and stamina while you exercise. Note that the MZ-3 only comes with a single strap for wearing under your chest. The newer Myzone Switch as detailed above comes with three straps (wrist, arm and under your chest) which you may find more comfortable and suitable for your chosen exercise and workouts.

Westpark Fitness Coaches

Some of our fitness team are also Myzone coaches and they are always on hand to help. All you have to do is send them a friend request on the app to have access to the following:

  • Online support through the app
  • Workout advice and motivation
  • In club challenges and events
  • Gain status rewards (free t-shirts)
  • Help with any queries you may have


Should you have any problems, there are a few options to help you get up and running. Follow this link to helpful YouTube videos (click / tap here) or avail of one the options below:



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