Exercise of the Week – Try TRX

27 Nov 2018

For our exercise of the week this week, we implore you to try TRX in Dublin / Tallaght’s premier Westpark Fitness and feel the benefits for yourself. TRX can seem daunting at first simply if it is new to you; but you will not look back after you add a couple of simple (and highly effective) TRX exercises as part of your routine. Below are two examples of bodyweight TRX exercises that also provide great stretching benefits as your muscles lengthen during the movements. As always, simply ask any of our approachable and friendly gym staff if you would like to be shown these or any TRX exercises.

trx in dublin male trainer completing trx back row exercise

TRX Back Row

For this exercise, make sure the TRX straps are adjusted so that they are not too long or near the floor. When pulled by the handles, the straps should go taut and not have any give or major flex in them. Using a neutral grip (by making fists with your palms facing each other), grip the handles of the TRX straps and position your elbows at a right angle. Keep your feet planted firmly on the floor, your shoulders straight and down away from your ears and your entire body in a straight line. Once in position, slowly fall backwards towards the floor while extending your arms out straight and still keeping your feet flat on the floor. Your body should also remain in a straight line throughout the movement. At the bottom of the movement you should feel a slight stretch at the top of your back.

trx in dublin female trainer completing trx back row exercise

Next, keep your elbows close to your sides, pull your shoulder blades together and pull on the TRX bands so that your arms form a right angle again. Make sure too that your feet remain firmly on the floor and that your body is still in a straight line as your move away from the floor. You use your strength to get to this position and the back muscles activate to power your body through the movement. That is one repetition (rep) now finished. Complete a few more reps until you get comfortable with the movement, feel the muscles working and stretching and do not feel any aches or pains. This is a simple and effective back exercise that you can add into your routine to move your body in new ways – challenging the muscles of the back and arms to adapt, grow and work more.

TRX Push-Up

The TRX push-up is like the TRX back row above – except reversed to target your chest instead of your back. Adjust the length of the straps so that they hang just below your knees. Grip the handles with your palms facing the floor and extend your feet out behind you (keep your toes on the floor but your heels pointed upwards) at a length and distance that feels comfortable to you. When ready, look straight ahead, keep your body in a straight line and lower your body down towards the floor by bending your elbows and letting your upper arms dip just below them. As you do this, you should feel a stretch across your chest.

trx in dublin male trainer completing trx pushup exercise
To return to the starting position, fully lengthen your arms to move your body further away from the floor. As the TRX bands keep your body in a suspended positon, you can end up activating more muscles to maintain balance while completing the exercise. As such, make sure to brace your core (imagine if you were about to be punched in the stomach and you tense it in anticipation) and keep your glutes tight to maintain correct form and movement while protecting your lower back and spine from straining.

trx in dublin female trainer completing trx pushup exercise

Try the TRX bands out to add some new movements and exercises into your routine and to feel the benefits of your muscles stretching, lengthening and strengthening. At Westpark Fitness, we offer TRX in Dublin and a range of fitness classes, modern equipment, Ireland’s only stainless steel pool and much more. If you are already a member of our premier fitness facility, simply ask one of the gym staff if you would like any help and demonstrations with your TRX exercises. Not a member? Click / Tap here to book a tour of Westpark Fitness and experience premier fitness for yourself.

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