Only Stainless Steel Pool in Ireland

24 Nov 2018

stainless steel pool
Did you know that Westpark Fitness in Tallaght is home to the only stainless steel pool in Dublin and the whole of Ireland? We are proud to have this unique and special stainless steel swimming pool in all of Dublin and Ireland because it is one of the many ways that allows us to offer our members a more premium fitness experience. Our stainless steel pool is a great example of not only how we invest in the facilities here at Westpark Fitness, but also in how we invest in the experience of our members. So what does this mean for you? There are many benefits to enjoy with a stainless steel pool which include:

  • Warmer Pool Water

    The use of stainless steel means that the pool can hold heat better and remain warm and welcoming for all that use it. As such, both the younger and older person alike can appreciate this boost in temperature which makes being in the water a more enjoyable experience. Likewise those who are new to water and learning how to swim can feel more comfortable sooner as they ease into the warmer water. As soon as you enter the stainless steel pool area you are sure to feel the welcoming warmth that it exudes.

  • Chlorine + Hygiene

    As a material, stainless steel is more hygienic than more traditional pool materials (such as tiles) as it does not retain stains or blemishes. It is also highly resistant to damage and remains smooth and securely in place. Traditional tiled pools however can often have broken and missing sections and the grout that is used to set them can break up and enter the pool water. Yet another benefit to stainless steel is that it requires less chlorine to be added to the pool water because it is a more hygienic material and overall cleaner solution.

  • Classes + Lessons

    Our popular Aqua Fitness Class and both adults and children’s swimming lessons are also held in the stainless steel pool throughout the week. Led by our qualified instructors, our pool-based classes and lessons are a great form of aerobic exercise that lets your body be supported by the water of the pool. Both the Aqua Fitness Class and swimming lessons are made even more enjoyable by the warmth of the water and the superior cleanliness that the stainless steel offers – without having to rely on an excessive amount of cloying chlorine.

stainless steel pool

As you can see from above, our stainless steel swimming pool offers members a warm and welcoming experience that is also cleaner and more hygiene than traditional pools. Sure to be enjoyed by people of all ages and swimming abilities, Westpark Fitness in Tallaght is immensely proud to offer our stainless steel pool as part of our premium fitness experience. Click / Tap here to book a tour of Westpark Fitness in Tallaght where you can see the stainless steel pool and the entire gym and fitness class facilities that we offer – making for a premium fitness experience.

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