Wrist Curl – Exercise of the Week

25 Sep 2019

We use our hands for pretty much everything both inside and outside of the gym. So don’t neglect to give them exercise attention too by paying attention to the wrist and joint area that is what powers the movement in your hands and the dexterity in your fingers. Here we present to you the simple but effective wrist curl exercise that also benefits your forearms too.

Wrist Curl

wrist curl westpark fitness exercise of the week

Choose a light dumbbell that you can comfortably manage and manoeuvre (this should be quite light, beginning with less than five kg ideally). Kneel beside a bench and holding the dumbbell with an underhand grip, lay your arm out flat on the bench so that your hand holding the dumbbell hangs over the side of the bench (like what can be seen in the picture above). Hold this position and make sure you feel strong, stable and balanced as you kneel on the floor.

wrist curl westpark fitness exercise of the week

Next, only move your wrist to curl the dumbbell towards your face. Hold it for a second at the top of the movement (to maximise the work and effort your muscles must undergo) before returning to the starting position. If you never completed a specific exercise for your wrists and forearms like this, it will initially feel like an intense movement as your wrist works in a different way as it has to support a weight throughout the movement. This is to be expected, but make sure to use a lighter weight if this is too sharp and sore to complete.

As with any exercise you are looking to complete, please make sure to ask any of our friendly fitness team if you would like advice and / or a demonstration on how to complete it correctly with the proper and safe form and function.

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