TRX Chest Press – Exercise of the Week

23 Oct 2019

A great way to target and train the pectoral (chest) muscles with a dynamic range of movement is that of the TRX chest press exercise. Don’t be afraid of the TRX straps if you are new to them. With simple but effective exercises like this, you can get used to them and learn how to set them up for a full body workout using the popular strap apparatus.

TRX Chest Press

trx chest press exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Use the clips to set the straps to a long length so that when you are standing up straight, the straps are just below your waist. Grip the handles tightly, raise your heels and keep your toes firmly planted to the floor. Keep your body upwards by extending your arms out straight. With your heels raised off the ground, your body will naturally be held in a diagonal line like can be seen in the picture above. This is the starting position so make sure that you feel solid and comfortable with it before proceeding to the next stage of the exercise movement.

trx chest press exercise of the week at westpark fitness

When ready, lower your body towards the floor by bending at the elbows and keeping your heels raised off the floor. You should feel a stretch across your chest at this part of the movement as the pectoral muscles become engaged and work to support your bodyweight. Go as far down low as you can and this is one repetition (rep) of the exercise complete. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement again. As you will see when completing the exercise, your balance skills are also tested as you move in this suspended position.

When it comes to any exercise or piece of equipment in our gym, ask any of our friendly fitness team for help should you need it! They can demonstrate it for you and make sure you complete it correctly to get the most benefit – as well as recommending the optimum amount of sets and reps to complete.

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