Side-to-Side Knee Rolls – Exercise of the Week

06 Nov 2019

The side-to-side knee rolls exercise is a great way to stretch your back and lower back whether it is tight and causing you niggles, or even as part of your warm up routine. It is also great to complete before a back workout as it helps to mobilise the spine for movement. Did you know that side-to-side knee rolls are often prescribed by physiotherapists to help lessen the feeling of lower back pain?

Side-to-Side Knee Rolls

To begin, place an exercise mat on the floor and make sure that there is plenty of space on both sides of it as you will need to occupy this space. Lie down flat on your back and raise your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms out on both sides beside you and lift your legs up into the air in what is known as the table top position (as can be seen in the picture above). Make sure that your spine remains flat on the floor and this is your starting position.

side-to-side knee rolls exercise of the week at westpark fitness

When ready, turn your neck to one side (left or right) and then roll your knees towards the floor in the opposite direction. You should feel a stretch across your entire back – with a particular focus on your lower back. Return to the starting position and repeat this on the opposite side and that is one repetition complete. Note that the stretch that you feel should be moreso pleasant and not painful as it works to mobilise the back muscles and not cause it too much discomfort. If it does, stop the exercise and ask for advice from any of our friendly fitness team. They can also demonstrate side-to-side knee rolls to you to ensure that you are completing them correctly.

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