Seated Leg Press – Exercise of the Week

23 Apr 2019

The seated leg press machine at Westpark Fitness is a great way to target the muscles of your lower body. While it mostly makes use of the leg muscles, the likes of the hips and back also come into play as you power through the movement. Did you know that while exercising and dedicating time to each of your body parts is important; when you workout the lower body it releases natural growth hormones which benefit the muscle mass of your body overall?

Seated Leg Press

seated leg press exercise at westpark fitness female gym goer sitting in machine with feet up on the foot plate

To start, sit into the machine and adjust the seat as necessary so that your legs form a right angle when you place your feet up onto the foot plate in front of you. Before starting to complete repetitions (reps) of this exercise, it is advised to use a lower weight in the weight stack until you become used to and comfortable with the exercise movement. When ready, drive through your feet and legs to push yourself away from the footplate. While your legs should straighten to accommodate for this movement, you should keep a slight bend at the knees. When returning to the starting position, make sure that the weight plates do not meet and touch off the rest of the weight stack. The idea here is that you want to remain in control of the weight being used at all times.

seated leg press exercise at westpark fitness female gym goer sitting in machine with feet up on the foot plate

If you would like a demonstration on how to use the seated leg press or would like to make sure you are completing it correctly; please ask any of our friendly fitness team who will be happy to help! Remember that our motto is ‘Your gym for life – experience the difference’ for a reason. We work to get the best for you! This is a great exercise to add to your routine and so they can advise you on the most optimum amount of sets and reps to complete to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals!

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