New Les Mills Music and Moves

01 Aug 2019

Towards the end of July 2019, there was new Les Mills music and moves added to your favourite classes like BodyPump, CXWORX, Tone and more here at Westpark Fitness. This is known as the Les Mills launch and occurs every few months so that your fitness can be kept fun and (even more importantly) effective as you work to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

new les mills music and moves at westpark fitness
Why did we add new Les Mills music and moves?

As a provider of Less Mills classes in Tallaght, Les Mills themselves send us new music and updated movements to incorporate into your favourite fitness classes. This is because repeating the same exercises and movements over and over can actually be less effective as your body becomes used to them and therefore less challenged by them. It can also lead to what is called repetitive strain injury (more on this below) and so there is a safety aspect involved. In a nutshell, remixing the classes with new Les Mills music and moves ensures you excel at your fitness by challenging your body with these new edges and elements that force it to work hard and reap the results!

new les mills music and moves at westpark fitness

What is repetitive strain injury?

Like the name suggests, this is what can happen when you repeat the same movement over and over again. It is not just confined to the fitness environment. Gamers for example could complain of sore wrists and thumbs etc. when playing video games over and over again for a long period of time. The gym environment is no different in this regard as your body can become strained and pained from the same movement patterns – especially if you are constantly completing exercises and movements with incorrect form and posture. So the remixed moves and music with the Les Mills classes help to balance and counteract this as a preventative measure.

With a range of functional fitness classes held seven days a week here at Westpark Fitness, why not try something new and mix up your workout routine too in new and interesting ways? Not only will this help you to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals, it will also keep your body strong by helping to keep repetitive strain injuries at bay.

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