What is Repetitive Strain Injury?

28 Mar 2019

This is an injury caused by overuse and repetition – when the likes of your muscles are used again and again, over and over in the same way. Ranging from uncomfortable to painful, repetitive strain injury can also be felt in the tendons and nerves too.

Repetitive Strain Injury

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What causes it?
As the name suggests, it is caused by repeating exercises and movement patterns to the point where they become an unhealthy (and physically imposing) pattern. If these exercises and movements are repeatedly completed with incorrect form and posture, repetitive strain injury can occur sooner and at a more intense level. So in your workout routine for example, consistently completing the same exercises week in week out can be a cause.

How is it treated?
With any injury and ailment, the best advice can be received from your doctor and in this more physical scenario; a physiotherapist can also help. Due to the nature and cause of the injury, by breaking the cycle and stopping the repeat movement, this may also alleviate symptoms. Likewise if you habitually choose to complete the exact same fitness classes all the time, choosing a different option can make a world of difference to move in a new, less painful way.

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What to do next?
Luckily for you, Westpark Fitness is home to a wide range of fitness options, equipment and classes so that you are never stuck having to do the same thing forever. So if you normally gravitate between only a few machines and / or only ever complete the same free weight movements; talk to any of our friendly fitness team. They will be able to guide you through a new set of exercises to help keep repetitive strain injury at bay while also working your body in new movements and ways to spur on the likes of fat loss and muscle gain. With a range of classes held every day of the week too – you should try something new and feel the benefits as your body works to adapt and move in fresh ways that help to reach your health and fitness goals.

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