Medicine Ball Slam – Exercise of the Week

13 Jan 2020

We have medicine balls located upstairs in our new functional area at Westpark Fitness and they are a great piece of equipment to target and train many parts of your body when exercising. One such exercise is the medicine ball slam and this is great to target the muscles of your abdominals, back and shoulders. Here we explain how to do it – complete with step-by-step instructions and pictures from inside our gym.

Medicine Ball Slam

medicine ball slam exercise of the week at westpark fitness

To start, select a medicine ball that you can manage the weight of. You will need to be able to hold this and have the power to slam and throw it, so make sure that this is manageable for you to do. Stand up tall and straight with your feet shoulder width apart and make sure you grip the medicine ball with both hands. Note that you should be standing on a floor space that is suitable to have the ball hit off it with force – this is very important to consider when completing this exercise. Keeping a hold of it, extend both arms straight up over your head and then with power, slam the ball down to the floor in front of you. This is one repetition complete.

medicine ball slam exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Depending on the type of ball you are using, it may bounce off the floor a bit when it makes contact with it. If so, aim to catch it and repeat the medicine ball slam movement. If not, pick it back up and complete the movement again. Either way, you are looking to maintain a smooth and consistent movement as you complete the reps. Should you require any assistance or demonstrations with this exercise, please ask any of our fitness team who will be happy to do this for you. They can also advise you about the optimum amount of sets and reps to complete in order to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

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