The Heart Health 365 Class

20 Jan 2020

We are delighted to add the Heart Health 365 class to our class lineup here at Westpark Fitness. It is aimed at members who are aged 65 and over and is designed to work on their mobility, flexibility, strength and heart health overall.

heart health 365 class at westpark fitness gym in tallaght

What will the class be like?
It is held upstairs in our new functional training area and there is lift access available to reach this area if members cannot manage the stairs. Limited to ten members per class, it will be led by our fitness team staff trainer Ger. With decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, Ger specialises in what is known as functional movements – this being the way our bodies move and perform with everyday tasks such as walking and sitting. Those completing the class are also asked to bring their Myzone fitness tracker belts if they have them (if not, demo belts can be provided). Using this fitness tech, your heart rate and wellbeing overall is monitored and maintained over the course of the class.

heart health 365 class at westpark fitness gym in tallaght

What will the class exercises be?
The Heart Health 365 class will make use of exercises that work on your mobility, flexibility and strength. There will also be a light cardio element too. Overall the exercises will take what is known as a LIIT approach – this refers to low-intensity interval training and is ideal for those who require more low impact and less rigorous exercise (but still want to effectively move their bodies and feel the challenge and benefits of exercising). As each member will be wearing a Myzone Fitness tracker belt during the class; the class instructor can monitor your heart rate and check your ability level and wellbeing as you complete the exercises and movements.

heart health 365 class at westpark fitness gym in tallaght

What does Heart Health 365 mean?
The name of the class refers to how those aged 65 and over can use this class to work on 3 important elements (mobility, flexibility and strength) to help to maintain their heart health 365 days of the year. In this sense, the number 365 relates to both the content of the class and the healthy mindset and ethos to aim to remain fit and healthy all throughout the year.

Heart Health 365 Class

We hope you enjoy our newest class and see and feel the benefits as you move in functional ways and exercise in a way to maintain your heart health. Please ask any of our team should you like any more information on the class (or if you would like to purchase a Myzone fitness tracker belt). You can book your place in the class up to a week in advance on the Westpark Fitness app.

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