Heart Health 365

What is it?

Our new Heart Health 365 class is aimed for our members aged 65 and over and is designed to help them work on and maintain their strength, flexibility and mobility in conjunction with some light cardio aspects. It holds a maximum of ten participants per class and is held upstairs in our dedicated functional training area (lift access available) and offers what is known as LIIT (low-intensity interval training). The popular Myzone fitness tracker belts will also be used in this heart health class (demo belts will be available if members do not have their own) so that each participant can be monitored and their individual ability level, progress and wellbeing managed. As the name implies, the class aims to improve and maintain heart health and the name relates to these three aspects of strength, flexibility and mobility for those aged 65 and over – with the idea that they remain healthy and active 365 days a year.

heart health class at westpark fitness

There is a saying that goes “You don’t stop exercising because you get old, you get old because you stop exercising” and so we are glad to be able to offer this heart health class to our members aged 65 and over to help maintain their health and fitness throughout the year. As we know moving in any way, shape and form can feel good and help us to re-energise, so members should feel the benefits and positive effects after the very first class! With the use of fitness tech too with the Myzone belts used in the class, each participant is monitored and recorded to track their ability, progress and wellbeing overall. See the class times and dates on the Westpark Fitness app.


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