Lat Pulldown – Exercise of the Week

02 Apr 2019

Like the name suggests, the lat pulldown exercise is a great way to target the muscles of your sides. They are known as the Latissimus dorsi muscles and are more commonly referred to as the lats. A popular piece of equipment at Westpark Fitness, here we show you how to use it correctly – complete with images from inside our premier fitness facility.

Lat Pulldown

lat pulldown exercise at westpark fitness

To begin, sit on the seat and adjust the pads at the knees so that they stay firmly on the tops of your legs (this is to keep you in the correct fixed position during the exercise and movement). If you are new to using this piece of gym equipment, start by putting the pin in a light and manageable weight in the weight stack. Grip the overhead handlebar with a wide grip, just where the bar starts to curve towards the ends. Keep your back straight and your feet touching the floor – this is your starting position for the exercise.

lat pulldown male gym goer sitting on the lat pulldown machine in westpark fitness with the handlebar down at his chest

When ready, pull the bar down towards the top of your chest as pictured below. As you pull the bar downwards, your back may move slightly backwards in response. This fine as long as it is not an overly exaggerated or extreme movement – as doing so can cause injury. Extend your arms upwards again (using your back to power the movement) to return the handlebar to the starting position while making sure not to let the weight plates touch. That is one repetition (rep complete).

Please ask any of our friendly fitness team if you would like a demonstration and guidance on how to use the lat pulldown machine the next time you are in Westpark Fitness. They will also be able to advise you on the optimum amount of reps and sets for you to complete in order to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

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