Calorie Burn per Westpark Fitness Class

04 Apr 2019

We know that some of our classes are naturally more popular than others. But did you know that you can still burn the same amount of calories in our other classes too? Changing your exercise and fitness routine by trying out some different classes is beneficial in many ways. It firstly makes your body move in new and different ways to receive more benefits and secondly it can help to avoid you suffering from repetitive strain injury.

caloire burn per class at westpark fitness
Bodypump and Indoor Cycling – 600 calories
Both of these classes can see you burn up to 600 calories or more. Bodypump places more of an emphasis on building lean muscle mass while Indoor Cycling works to improve your aerobic fitness levels (such as lung capacity and stamina). So if you find that one of these classes is full or fully booked, you can consider the other as an alternative that will still bring a similar calorie burn result. Remember too that adding something new like this to your routine brings its owns benefits as touched on above.

caloire burn per class at westpark fitness

Rig and Cardio Kickboxing – 500 calories
Completing each of these classes can result in a calorie burn of up to 500 calories or more. The Rig class is a circuit class where both cardio and strength is worked on. The Cardio Kickboxing class however is aimed at building and maintaining cardio fitness. Both require you to adapt your natural movement patterns and are both more active styles of classes. Rig offers you a more changeable setup using the actual Rig equipment in the gym itself, while Cardio Kickboxing teaches you a new discipline with a more combative focus.

Grit, Tone and TRX Combo – 400 calories
The Grit class, the Tone class and the TRX Combo class can allow you to burn up to 400 calories or more. While they are all very different (Grit is a high-intensity interval training style, Tone is a cardio fitness style and TRX Combo is a strength and endurance style); they each offer similar potential to burn the same amount of calories. Choosing each one is a choice to develop your body in terms of strengthening, toning and shaping it respectively. With this, you are empowered with multiple options should one of these classes be full.

caloire burn per class at westpark fitness

Aqua Fitness and CX Worx – 200-300 calories
With Aqua Fitness you can burn up to 250-300 calories or more while CX Worx offers a similar calorie burn of up to 200 calories or more. While both different in their approach (Aqua Fitness can target the full body while CX Worx is more focused on the core and midsection), they can each be used to shape and tone your body. Consider this if one of them is full, but you still seek that calorie burn to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

So as you can see, there is no need to despair if your favourite or preferred class is full. Westpark Fitness is proud to offer our members an abundance of options when it comes to reaching and maintaining their health and fitness goals – and our selection of classes includes this. What’s more, changing your routine is known to have great benefits for your body as it works in different ways, adapts to new movements and can keep the likes of repetitive strain injury at bay.

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