Kettlebell Swing – Exercise of the Week

27 Feb 2019

The kettlebell is a versatile piece of gym equipment that you can complete many different exercises with. Due to this versatility, kettlebells can be used to target many different areas of your body – to tone up, to lose weight and to increase muscle mass. Here we show you how to complete the popular kettlebell swing exercise with written instructions and pictures that display the correct form.

Kettlebell Swing

westpark fitness kettlebell swing exercise of the week
One of the main things to remember with the kettlebell swing is that the movement is driven by your hips. Think of them like a hinge as they move to complete the movement correctly. To begin, select a kettlebell with a weight that you are comfortable with and use both of your hands to grip the handle of it (grip it with your palms facing towards your body – known as an overhand grip). With your feet positioned just wider than shoulder width, slightly bend your knees, bend your hips forward and swing the kettlebell back between your legs.

westpark fitness kettlebell swing exercise of the week

Continuing the movement, keep your arms straight by straightening your knees and aiming your hips forward. You should aim to swing the kettlebell up to your chest height as your hips and knees work to return you to a standing position. This is one repetition (rep) of the exercise complete. To continue the exercise, keep swinging the kettlebell back and forth with this correct form. This exercise works your glutes muscles and hamstrings and as such helps to tone and tighten them by helping to develop their muscle mass.

To make sure you complete this exercise right and reap the best benefits from it, ask any of our friendly fitness team for guidance and demonstrations. They, along with all the staff at Westpark Fitness, are always happy to help you reach your health and fitness goals as your gym partners.

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