Goblet Squat – Exercise of the Week

18 Jun 2019

Our exercise of the week this week is the goblet squat exercise – a great way to work on the lower body muscles including the legs and hips. It only uses a single piece of equipment, in this instance a kettlebell, making it simple to complete in any area of the gym. Here we explain how to complete it with instructions and images from inside Westpark Fitness as completed by members of our fitness team.

Goblet Squat

male gym goer standing up straight and holding a kettlebell to complete the goblet squat exercise at westpark fitness

As with any exercise that may be new to you, make sure to start by selecting a weight that you are safely able to manage and manoeuvre. The more you repeat this exercise and become accustomed to it, you will be able to increase the weight to make it more challenging. To begin, select a kettlebell and hold the handles of it with both hands close to your chest. Stand up tall with feet just wider than shoulder width apart. Bending only at your hips (in a hinge-like motion), go into a squat position as you bring the kettlebell closer to the ground.

male gym goer in a squat position holding a kettlebell to complete the goblet squat exercise at westpark fitness

It is important with this movement to remember that the motion should only come from your hips in a squatting position. There should be no bending over as such, rather moving your body downwards. To help visualise this, stand in front of a mirror and imagine you had something written across your chest. At every stage of the movement, you should be able to read this clearly. Spring back up to return to the starting position and this is one repetition (rep) complete. As always, please make sure to ask any of our friendly fitness team should you need any help, guidance or even a demonstration of the goblet squat exercise. They can also advise you on the optimum amount of reps and sets to complete to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

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