Exercise of the Week – Farmers Walk

05 Dec 2018

This week, our exercise of the week is the Farmers Walk. If you can’t make it to Westpark Fitness for one reason or another, it is a great exercise that you can complete at home. So simple but so effective – this exercise helps to build muscle all over your body, increases grip strength and helps to burn fat. Here’s how to do it.

Farmers Walk

A very simple exercise, it requires that you pick up a weight in each hand (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls etc.) and then walk around with them. That really is it! Do some laps around a room in your house (or even up and down your garden – wherever you are exercising safely) as you grip the weights in your hands. Correct posture is crucial here to protect your neck and spine from any strain as your body carries the weights while walking. As such, ensure that your posture is aligned correctly with your shoulders back and down away from your ears while you stand up straight. Make sure too that your hips and pelvis are not sagging backwards and are brought forwards in line with the sides of your body during the exercise.

a man holding a medicine ball in each hands to complete the farmers walk exercise

As you walk around holding the weights, make sure to grip them tightly. This activates the muscles in your forearms and works to increase your grip and wrist strength. Walking around at a steady pace places emphasis on virtually all muscles of the body as they work to accommodate the weights while your body moves and walks. Due to this, the Farmers Walk exercise is great for conditioning your entire body at once. It also means that your body is primed to burn fat as an emphasis is placed on this during each and every step of the exercise that requires energy to complete. So simple but so effective, the Farmers Walk is a great exercise to do if you can’t make it to the gym but are keen to keep your fitness goals in focus.

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