Coached Lane Swimming Class is Back

16 Jan 2023

Our coached lane swimming class is back! This will be held every Monday at 8:00pm for 45 minutes and every Friday at 6:30am for 45 minutes. Please check the Westpark Fitness app in case there are any class day and time updates. You can book your class place on the app up to seven days in advance – booking beforehand is essential!

This is a free class for our members aimed at improving your swimming stamina, ability and overall fitness (perfect if you are thinking to take part in our Triathlon and Aquathon in March). Anyone attending must be able to swim at least 2 lengths of our pool. Note that this is not a swim lessons class, but a swim fitness class. The classes are led by a level 2 triathlon coach and 2 lanes of the pool will be given to this (a max of 5 members in each lane).

coached lane swimming westpark fitness swimming in tallaght

If you are interested in incorporating swimming and the pool as part of your exercise, fitness and workout routine; we also offer Aqua Fitness and Virtual Aqua Fitness classes along with private swimming lessons too. We are proud to have one of the only stainless steel swimming pools in all of Ireland. This offers you a more hygienic swimming experience due to the stainless properties of the pool material and the pool water is also naturally warmer and more comfortable too!

Coached Lane Swimming

This class can not only improve your ability in the water, but also help with your overall fitness level too. As swimming is a full-body exercise, you can expect to burn calories during the class and if you are a Myzone user you can also earn meps towards your monthly mep target too! Like with all of our classes, you can book your place on the Westpark Fitness app up to seven days in advance!

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