Parking at Westpark Fitness

23 Jan 2023

If you are finding it difficult to get a car parking space (especially around the New Year as members return to the gym after Christmas); we ensure there are enough places for everyone with the following spaces in place.

Westpark Fitness Carpark – ground level

The most obvious place to park is in our big and spacious carpark right outside Westpark Fitness. When you come through the gates there are spaces directly in front of you and also if you turn to the left (spaces here run all along the gym and down further too).

Westpark Fitness Carpark – underground

If you turn left through the gates into our carpark, you will eventually come to a slope which leads down to our underground carpark. There are yet more car parking spaces down here – including a couple of electric car charging stations too!

Overflow Carpark 1 – athletics club

Between 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday, members can park at the Tallaght Athletics Club carpark which is right beside Westpark Fitness. When you drive through the gates, keep driving straight down and you will come to this overflow carpark to the right of the trees (there are also signs directing you to this).

Overflow Carpark 2 – school carpark

Between 5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday, members can park at the school beside Westpark Fitness. This carpark is located to the right of our main gates (before you drive through the main gates).

Electric Scooters and Motorbikes

If you take an electric scooter to Westpark Fitness, we have dedicated parking for these in our underground area. Please make sure to lock your scooter here while you are inside Westpark Fitness. We also know how big and bulky motorbike helmets are and that is why we have a dedicated locker space where you can store these while you are in Westpark Fitness.

parking at westpark fitness

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