February Myzone Challenge

30 Jan 2023

The February Myzone Challenge is to reach your 1,300 monthly mep target (as recommended by the World Health Organisation – WHO) and on the Myzone app to name each workout your complete over the month of February.

When you complete any type of workout or exercise and turn off your Myzone device afterwards, the Myzone app will automatically save your workout and ask if you would like to rename it. Here at this stage you can rename it to anything that you like such as ‘Upper Body Workout’, ‘Treadmill Cardio’, ‘Swimming’ etc. or anything else you would like. This is helpful for when you look back over your workouts as you can for example that swimming may earn you X amount of meps and help to burn X amount of calories. It also helps you get used to using the Myzone app if you are new to it!

february myzone challenge westpark fitness tallaght dublin 24

Remember when it comes to Myzone that you can use it both inside and outside of Westpark Fitness and if you have the newer Myzone Switch device, this is waterproof and can be worn when swimming (unlike the previous MZ3 model). You can wear it for all of your workouts at the gym and also outside of the gym if you go for a walk, run or hike for example. Each and every exercise and movement counts so it is a good idea to keep in the habit of wearing your Myzone device and earning those meps at every opportunity!

February Myzone Challenge

At the end of the month, one lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a €100 One4All voucher – best of luck! If you don’t use Myzone yet or are unsure about how it can help to turbocharge your exercise, fitness and workouts overall – click / tap here to learn more!

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