Indoor Cycling

What is it?

Using a stationary bike, this class will test your strength and endurance while improving your overall fitness levels, burning calories and having fun. In one forty-five minute class, you’ll ride a stationary bike to the beat of an energetic soundtrack and burn up to 600 calories in the process. Not only will your lungs be burning and your heart pumping, you’ll also work your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings and core.  Studies show that over time, indoor cycling can decrease body fat and body mass index, and improve overall cardiovascular function. In this class you can burn up to 600 calories and more – the same calorie burn that our Bodypump class also offers.

Who is it for?

Indoor cycling is a workout that utilises an upright stationary bike, or spinning bike, usually with a heavyweight flywheel and adjustable resistance to change the desired exertion challenge level. The rider sits on an indoor bike just like any other bicycle with feet in pedals and works to spin the flywheel.

The flywheel of an indoor bike is the component that sets it apart from normal stationary bikes. The flywheel helps your leg exertion create momentum that can then be resisted via brakes and resistance functions. This helps mimic the feeling of being on a real road bike. The momentum both challenges and helps keep you going during a workout. That’s all there is to it! See the class times and dates on the Westpark Fitness app.


30-60 min


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