Bulgarian Split Squat – Exercise of the Week

17 Oct 2019

As it can be completed just using your bodyweight to begin but you can work up to adding weight also; the Bulgarian split squat is a great lower body exercise that you can progress with. By isolating each leg with the movement, it is very effective at building lower body strength and muscle mass as it targets and trains the glutes, hips and legs.

Bulgarian Split Squat

bulgarian split squat exercise of the week

To begin, set up a bench so that it is completely flat. Stand facing away from the bench and bring one of your legs up behind you to then rest your foot just off the edge of the bench. Only half of your foot should be on the bench so that it is still able to move when needed (i.e. it should not be fixed in place). With the foot that is on the floor, step forward with this as far as you can so that it is not too near to the bench. Make sure to stand up straight and do not tilt your chest forward or bend at the back. Stay looking straight ahead and this is your starting position.

bulgarian split squat exercise of the week

When ready, bend your knee with the leg that is on the floor as if going into a squat position. The leg that is on the bench will naturally follow this movement, so expect this to bend too. Shoot back up strongly to the starting position and this is one repetition (rep) complete. As you will feel when completing the Bulgarian split squat exercise, your balance will be tested as your feet are on different levels. As such, it also works to help with your balance skills!

Like with any exercise, please feel free to ask any of our friendly fitness team should you need any advice or demonstrations when completing them. They can also advise on the optimum amount of sets and reps for you to complete to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals!

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