Weight Loss Success Stories at Westpark Fitness

18 Oct 2019

This year we started our Transformation Tuesday campaign which sees us highlight members who have submitted before and after pictures of their fitness journey. These serve as inspirational and real-life accounts as to how Westpark Fitness can help to reach and maintain your goal weight, fitness level or more! Here we take a look at some of our weight loss success stories and how Westpark Fitness helped. You can view all of our success stories on our website here.

weight loss success stories at westpark fitness

Glenn lost over seven stone with his exercise and workouts and says that “Westpark was the secret to my success. I managed to keep it off over the next 18 months up until now, thanks to regular workouts at what I consider to be the best gym around.” He credits our team and new member plan with setting him on the right track from the start and understanding his needs and working with them to not only reach and maintain his health and fitness goals, but also to restore his confidence “I got an initial assessment, a diet plan and an achievable routine from . . . the trainers I worked with. For the first time last summer, I felt confident on the beach and happy in myself.”

weight loss success stories at westpark fitness

Rosie wanted somewhere that she could rely on to both support and motivate her on her weight loss journey and as you can see from her before and after pictures above, she is a shining example of one of our weight loss success stories. In her words “I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the gym and trainers and how much it has helped me become a fitter and stronger person but mostly helped me believe in myself and my ability to achieve anything I set my mind to, even when it is hard . . . ESPECIALLY when it is hard. Do yourself a favour and sign up, you won’t look back.” This is one of the ways you experience the difference – we are there for you at every step of the way!

weight loss success stories at westpark fitness

Paul managed to lose 13kg and change his body fat percentage from 17% to 13%. He actively enjoys maintaining his body and genuinely looks forward to learning more and more about health and fitness as he knows that this is a journey for life (and that is why we are your gym for life). As he explains “In the last year I knuckled down with the help of their staff to get my body to a point of where I’m comfortable and all the while enjoying my fitness and increasing my knowledge to help me improve. I couldn’t have done this without the help of . . . all the staff of Westpark Fitness!” Westpark Fitness are your gym for life where you will always experience the difference.

weight loss success stories at westpark fitness

Rosanna had taken early retirement from work and was unhappy with being a size 18. So joining Westpark Fitness was one of the best decisions she made in terms of using her time wisely and reaching and maintaining her health and fitness goals! In her words: “I can’t recommend Westpark Fitness enough, it was a lifesaver for me! I continue to go and . . . I am healthier and happier now. While it was daunting at first, everyone made me feel very welcome and I got to meet the trainers and they are amazing.” For all of our members, we offer a free workout assessment every six weeks to keep you on track with your health and fitness journey.

Weight Loss Success Stories

As you can see with these examples, there are many weight loss success stories at Westpark Fitness. From our trainers to equipment, to our classes, pool, fitness tech, opening hours (and more!) – we have everything you need to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals for life.

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