Bicep Cable Curl – Exercise of the Week

28 May 2019

The bicep cable curl is a great exercise to target the bicep muscles in your arms using a fluid motion with the cable machine. While an isolation exercise mainly targeting the biceps, your triceps will also be recruited during the movement, making it target the majority of your arms to help build both strength and mass. Here we explain how to properly perform this exercise – complete with pictures taken from inside our premier fitness facility and gym in Dublin 24, Tallaght.

Bicep Cable Curl

bicep cable curl exercise of the week westpark fitness tallaght dublin 24

Set the cable pulley to the lowest height and affix the rope attachment to it. To begin, practice with a light weight that you can comfortably manage and manoeuvre until you are familiar with the exercise. Stand tall with feet hip distance apart and grip the rope with one hand at each of the ends. Bend your elbows to lift the rope up towards your face – making sure to slightly pull the rope out to both sides as you do so. Note that the only part of your body that should move are your hands and forearms. The rest of your body should remain still while the lower part of your arms are moved upwards by the biceps.

bicep cable curl exercise of the week westpark fitness tallaght dublin 24

Making sure to breathe, slowly lower the rope back down to the starting position. This is one repetition (rep) complete. Repeat the movement making sure that only the lower half of your arm moves. The top part of your arm (home to both the bicep muscle at the front and the tricep muscle at the back) should not move; only the bicep muscle should flex with the movement. If you would like a demonstration of this bicep cable curl exercise or even to be supervised completing it to make sure you are doing so correctly; please ask any of our friendly fitness team. They are always happy to help and can also advise you on the optimal number of sets and reps you should complete to reach your health and fitness goals!

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