Band Pull Apart – Exercise of the Week

20 Aug 2019

With just one simple piece of equipment, in this case an exercise band, you can work on your arms and shoulders with this band pull apart exercise. While it provides a brilliant stretch that you will feel, it also works to strengthen the muscles as they work to keep the band stretched while you maintain perfect form and posture. Learn how to complete it here with pictures from inside our premier fitness facility with our very own fitness team.

Band Pull Apart

band pull apart exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Stand strong with your feet shoulder width apart. Holding each end of a thick rubber exercise band (or theraband) in each hand, raise your arms so that they are held out straight in front of you. Pull the band at each end and as you do, your arms should extend fully outwards to each side and your shoulders should remain back (i.e. don’t slouch). The aim with this movement is to get the band as close in contact to your chest as possible. As you complete the movement, you are sure to feel the stretch across your arms, shoulders and the top of your chest as your muscles are recruited to work against the natural elasticity of the band.

band pull apart exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Slowly return to the starting position and that is one repetition (rep) complete. Make sure to remain standing strong and tall as you go to repeat the movement again. Our friendly fitness team are always available to advise on the ideal amount of sets and reps to complete in order to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. They can also supervise you completing the exercise to make sure you are completing it correctly – and even demonstrate it for you to observe and learn from.

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