2018 Myzone Moves Numbers

18 Apr 2019

Do you use Myzone Moves at all? It is a fitness tracker belt that can be used to measure your metrics during exercise – such as your heart rate. You can purchase your own Myzone belt at reception and it is yours to keep! So you can wear it inside the gym and outside if you also exercise at home or go on runs or walks etc. The belt is also required to attend our specialised Myzone Moves classes. It also links to an app to show you your results and as you exercise you earn points known as meps that are a great target to aspire to each month as you rise through the fitness levels! Below are the metrics that our members achieved using Myzone in 2018.

2018 Myzone Moves Numbers

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806 of our members used Myzone in 2018. This means that they were wearing the lightweight and comfortable fitness tracker belts during their exercise and workouts (possibly both at Westpark Fitness and also while completing fitness activities outside of the gym). As you can see by this high number, members enjoy using the belts as they are a great motivator that help them to reach their health and fitness goals.

In 2018, a total of 25,266 workouts were recorded by our members through Myzone. Yet another really high number, it shows how having the belts and the app are a great motivator as you aim to gain meps and reach your targets. With both a number to aspire to and consistency to consider in order to reach this number, it makes sense as to why the number of workouts are so high. You can purchase your fitness tracker belt at reception to join this number for 2019.

With the amount of members and workouts recorded using Myzone Moves in 2018, it comes as little surprise as to just how many calories were burned. Are you ready for this? A total of 16,014,906 calories were burned with the help of the app and fitness tracker belts in 2019! A truly amazing number, it demonstrates the potential that can be achieved with this fitness technology on your side. We are proud to be able to offer this to our members.

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Following on from this, a total of 4,575lbs of fat were also lost by members using Myzone. For those looking to lose weight and tone up, they are sure to want to be a part of this number in 2019. The meps that you earn get added to a leaderboard every month – giving you even more incentive to keep you exercises and workouts consistent. Let’s not forget that exercising is known to make us feel good while we get healthy – so it’s a win-win situation!

Overall with Myzone in 2018, an average of 6lbs of fat per person were lost. You can click / tap here to learn more about Myzone at Westpark Fitness and how it can help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals for 2019 and beyond.

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