What is Aqua Fitness?

01 Nov 2018

What is Aqua Fitness?

Aqua aerobics is aerobics exercises performed in our shallow water pool, using the water as resistance and for extra resistance paddles and noodles.
Aqua Aerobics helps build cardiovascular stamina, strength and flexibility. It also to helps burn body fat and increase circulation to help you rehabilitate healing muscles and joints.

Exercise in the water can be more effective than land-based exercises for people with injuries or rehabilitating muscles, by placing resistance on your muscles yet has a fraction of the stress and strain on your body.


Top 5 benefits of Aqua:

  • The water helps support the body, so there’s less stress
  • Working out in the water helps build strength using the resistance of the water
  • The water pressure puts less stress on the heart by moving blood around the body
  • The impact is less in the water, allowing a greater range of motion
  • Working out in the water helps prevent overheating, so you can exercise for longer!

Bonus Benefit!

It’s fun! We try to use music that will keep you moving and even singing along!



When it’s on?

Our Aqua Aerobics classes are on very frequently during the week!
We have classes on:

  • Monday morning 9.30am
  • Tuesday morning and evening 10 am and 7.05pm
  • Wednesday morning 9.30am
  • Thursday morning and evening 10 am and 7.05pm
  • Friday morning 9.30am



Who should take part?

Aqua is a great class for a wide range of people!
It’s great for anyone with any sort of injuries or restrictions, pregnant women, over 55’s, anyone who enjoys the water, anyone uncomfortable training upstairs in the gym, anyone looking for a fun workout with fun music in the water!

What it consists of?

Aqua aerobics consists of moves pushing in the water using water for resistance. We also use paddles and noodles as an option to increase the resistance to make the moves more challenging.
Expect to burn between 400-500 calories per hour in an aqua aerobics class!
Even with a great calorie burn some of our instructors might even have simple choreographed dances for extra fun!



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