Meet the Westpark Fitness Management Team

06 Jun 2019

The Westpark Fitness management team work to ensure that you experience the difference at your gym for life in all ways, shapes and forms. Across the gym floor, administration and the overall club itself – they make sure Westpark Fitness remains everything you expect it to be (and more). Westpark Fitness is a standalone Irish owned club which allows the management team to focus on making it one of the best fitness facilities in Ireland. The commitment of its long term management team is a key factor in our success.

Westpark Fitness Management Team

Club Managers

westpark fitness management team general manager kevin

Kevin has worked at Westpark Fitness for almost thirty years and is the general manager. Having a lifelong passion for health, fitness and wellbeing; he works to maintain the extremely high standards that Westpark Fitness members have come to expect and what leads the way in making sure it is one of the most premier fitness facilities in all of Ireland. It is not unusual to see Kevin all around the gym as he maintains his own fitness and also mingles with staff and members alike – bringing his positive energy and ethos into everything that he does. 2019 sees him place a huge emphasis on making Westpark Fitness into one of the greenest fitness facilities in all of Ireland.

westpark fitness management team assistant manager alison

Having worked in Westpark Fitness for over eighteen years, Alison is the assistant manager. Knowing she wanted to work within the fitness and wellness industries from a young age, she has completed international studies and a degree in leisure management. Along with keeping on top of her own fitness, Alison teaches classes at Westpark Fitness, works with sponsored athletes and media personalities and organises hikes for members, charity fundraising events and more as a way to both give back and mobilise the local community. You will often see Alison around the gym making sure everything and everyone is working perfectly.

Gym Floor Managers

westpark fitness management team gym floor manager lizzie

Lizzie manages the gym floor itself and has been with Westpark Fitness for over thirteen years (working in the fitness industry for over twenty years). With a tangible passion for what she does, Lizzie embodies what it means to love your job and go above and beyond for it. She keeps up to date with the latest fitness trends to be able to offer insight and bring the most up to date classes, equipment and training to both members and staff. Lizzie also teaches classes such as Family Rig which is a great way for families to get fit (and have fun) together and is a Les Mills trainer teaching Bodybalance, Bodypump and CXWORX.

westpark fitness management team gym floor manager sharon

Here with Westpark Fitness for over eleven years and working on the gym floor itself for over nine; Sharon brings a wealth of experience to her role. Not only does she teach a variety of classes (as she is a Les Mills trainer who teaches Bodybalance, Bodypump and CXWORX classes), she is also a designated child liaison person (DLP), health and safety officer and fire warden who looks after the health and safety of the club. Paying attention to the goings on on the gym floor itself, she ensures the fitness team are available for members should they need anything at all and is herself available to help demonstrate and guide members through exercises and how to use equipment.

Administration Manager

westpark fitness management team administration manager michelle

Michelle helps to control the administrative side of Westpark Fitness which also comprises of managing the receptionist team. She has worked at Westpark Fitness for over fourteen years and is also involved in the likes of HR, IT and overall client service and satisfaction. Committed to making members experience the difference that Westpark Fitness offers, she has completed further learning which includes a degree in business management. Michelle can often be found at the front desk – ready and waiting to greet new and existing members with a smile.

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