Porridge in a Cup – Recipe of the Week

09 Jun 2019

Here we present to you a healthy and balanced snack option from Shape My Plan. While porridge in a cup may seem simple (and indeed it is overall to prepare and make), it is in fact a great way to power you through your day (and your workouts), with a mixture of fruit, dairy and carbohydrates. Here we show you how to make it – a great option as a snack for any time of the day!

Porridge in a Cup

porridge in a cup white plate with porridge and yoghurt and blueberries on it

Recipe Ingredients List

  • Porridge Oats (40g)
  • Fat-Free Yoghurt (90g)
  • Egg (one)
  • Blueberries / Berries of Choice (handful)

Step 1
Note that with this recipe, you can of course use gluten-free porridge oats and lactose-free yoghurt if required. Crack the egg into a bowl and mix the porridge oats in with it. Place this in a microwave for two minutes and stir the ingredients in the bowl again once removed from the microwave.

Step 2
Scoop these mixed ingredients out from the bowl and into a cup. Add in the yoghurt and the blueberries (or the berries of your choice) and you can either mix these together lightly so that they mingle together – or keep them in the way they fall and arrange naturally within the cup.

Step 3
You can of course eat and enjoy this now – or perhaps you may prefer to cover the cup in cling film, place in the fridge and eat at a different time (maybe you are taking this to work or planning to have it after your workout at Westpark Fitness). You can also eat it off a plate or from a bowl if enjoying at home.

Yet another simple and healthy recipe from Shape My Plan – it is one of the hundreds available on their amazing app. Usually €12 per month, we have partnered with them to offer it to Westpark Fitness members for only €4 per month! The app also includes an abundance of tips and a food intake tracker to optimise your nutrition.

Enquire at reception to get Shape My Plan and learn more about it here!

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