Meet the Fitness Team at Westpark Fitness

11 Jun 2019

Like our very name suggests, we are all about health, fitness and wellbeing here at your gym for life. This is especially evident when it comes to our fantastic fitness team as they work to help you experience the difference and both reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Meet them here and learn more about them – you are sure to see them around our gym in Dublin 24!

Fitness Team

fitness team chloe

Chloe joined Westpark Fitness as a member back in 2014 before becoming a part of our fitness team in 2018. We have loved to see her fitness career blossom here with us and love the genuine enthusiasm and positivity that she brings to everything that she does. A trained class instructor for the likes of Aqua Fitness, Bodypump, Myone, Zumba and more; Chloe loves expanding her knowledge and is a particular fan of Les Mills. A huge fan of lifting weights too, make sure to talk to Chloe if you ever need any help with completing an exercise or workout!

fitness team eddie

With a degree in sports strength and conditioning and a certificate in sports exercise and nutrition; Eddie is often the trainer or choice for athletes and sporting enthusiasts here at Westpark Fitness. He currently works with Wicklow GAA, teaches a range of classes here with us and like all of our fitness team is available for one-to-one assessments and training sessions. Utilising his education and over five years of experience within the fitness industry; Eddie likes to challenge members both mentally and physically in a safe and supportive manner.

fitness team ger

Gerard (Ger)
Active in the fitness industry for over thirteen years, Ger brings an expert level of experience to everything that he does. He has done it all – whether it be working with demanding high-performance athletes or those simply looking to lose weight and tone up. Ger is a big proponent of what is known as Functional Movement Screening (FMS) which is a methodology that places an emphasis on natural movements that we use everyday. This folds into his love of helping people to rehabilitate after an injury too and adds a more unique edge to his offering.

fitness team kealan

Kealan joined the fitness team in early 2017 and brings with him a degree in health and leisure as a fitness professional. With interests rooted in sports (he currently plays GAA), he is also a keen fan of injury prevention (also known as prehabilitation) and rehabilitation – keeping players and athletes on pitches in as perfect form as possible. His own sports performance coupled with his desire to see members succeed in their health and fitness goals has also led him to become a class instructor – teaching the likes of Grit, Rig Circuit and Spinning classes.

fitness team lee

Lee has been a member of Westpark Fitness since 2008 and joined the fitness team in 2016. We have really seen him grow with us! Like all of our fitness team, he has a desire to see our members achieve their health and fitness goals. Conscious too that these results require maintaining, he enjoys holding assessments and check-ins with members so that they continuously look and feel their best while staying on track. Lee’s favourite class to teach is Spin and he is also a big fan of incorporating TRX into his training routines.

fitness team matt

Matthew (Matt)
As soon as he completed his gym instructor course back in 2016, Matt joined us as part of the fitness team. Since then he has been continuously learning and increasing his experience. He now teaches many classes including Aqua Fitness, Bodypump, CXWORX and Grit. Like with all of our fitness team, Matt appears regularly on our website and social media channels – educating our members and followers with advice and demonstrations of exercises, training tips and even nutritional and lifestyle advice.

fitness team prabhat

With a successful background in men’s physique competitions and with being a qualified personal trainer; Prabhat has a wealth of knowledge and experience to call on. Clients choose him if they are looking to build lean muscle mass or lose weight as these are the core areas that he likes to focus on. Part of our fitness team now for over four years, he also teaches our Rig and Spin classes. Prabhat, like all of our fitness team, is available for initial assessments and also one-to-one personal training sessions.

fitness team susan

With a real passion for people, Susan loves nothing more than interacting with members by both teaching classes and holding personal training sessions. With interests in crossfit and powerlifting, she encourages more women to get involved in sporting disciplines such as these. Susan finds it hard to pick a favourite class because she honestly loves them all and teaches a range of Les Mills classes such as Bodybalance and Bodypump. Talk to Susan for any technical advice too – especially when it comes to completing exercises and routines correctly and safely.

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