Meet the Westpark Fitness Lifeguard Team

18 Jul 2019

Westpark Fitness is not just home to Ireland’s only stainless steel pool, it is also home to some of the best lifeguards in the country. The Westpark Fitness lifeguard team ensure safety at all times at the pool – making sure that both fitness and fun can be carried out in a safe and sensible manner. Meet the team here and learn a bit about them both professionally and personally what they like to do when not in work.

Westpark Fitness Lifeguard Team

westpark fitness lifeguard team ben

Ben has worked as a lifeguard here for over eight years and he also teaches some of the adults and children’s swimming lessons. A real lover of the water and advocate for safety in and around it; he is also a water safety instructor, runs Irish water safety courses, is a qualified first responder, coaches for the Dublin lifesaving team and also competes in many water-based events around the country. As you can see, Ben is adept at practically everything to do with water safety. When not in Westpark Fitness, or in the water, he enjoys keeping fit in the gym, teaching martial arts classes twice a week and riding his motorbike and partaking in motorbike events around the country too!

westpark fitness lifeguard team elaine

Joining the team in early 2018, Elaine brings a genuine passion and enthusiasm to her lifeguard duties here at Westpark Fitness. Naturally sociable, she loves chatting and talking with our members and educates them on water safety to be aware of when in and around the pool area. Outside of work, Elaine is keen about arts and crafts and also enjoys hiking. These aspects assist with her being a cubs leader too – again demonstrating her love of working with and helping people at any age!

westpark fitness lifeguard team liam

Liam also joined the team back in early 2018 and loves being a lifeguard here. He understands how the swimming pool area can be used for both athletic and leisure activities and relays the safety and security of the water to all who use the pool area – regardless if they are training for a triathlon or simply relaxing in the water. Liam has a huge interest in sports and since joining the Westpark Fitness team he has also taken up weights training and added a more functional mindset to his fitness and training overall. Aiming to be an architect in the future, he is a current asset to Westpark Fitness and is a joy for our members to deal with. Like with all of our lifeguard team, Liam is always happy to help and our members are glad to have him and the team there to ensure safety at the pool area.

As opposed to just one lifeguard, we have a dedicated Westpark Fitness lifeguard team who are in place to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure in the water of our pool and at the pool area overall. This is just one of the ways in which we are a premier fitness facility – your gym for life where you experience the difference with each and every visit!

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