French Toast – Recipe of the Week

20 Jul 2019

We recently polled our followers on Facebook to see if they prepared sweet or savoury dishes when it came to our recipe of the week blogs. While savoury won in the end, it was a very close call with nearly as much love for sweet recipes! So this French toast recipe gives you the best of both worlds as it can be made as either a savoury snack or a sweet treat!

French Toast

french toast westpark fitness recipe of the week

Recipe Ingredients List
• White Bread (two slices)
• Eggs (three)
• Salt
• Pepper
• Caster Sugar
• Vanilla Essence

Step 1
Crack the three eggs into a bowl and whisk them together. If you are opting to make this as a savoury snack, whisk in some salt and pepper too to taste. If you prefer a sweet treat, whisk in just over half a teaspoon of the vanilla extract instead.

Step 2
Place one slice of bread directly into the bowl with the egg mixture to let it absorb and get coated by this mixture. Place a dash of oil into a frying pan and let it heat to a medium heat. Once both sides of the slice of bread are full coated in egg mixture, lift it out of the bowl, let some of the mixture drain back into the bowl and place the slice of bread into the frying pan.

Step 3
As you fry both sides of the bread for a couple of minutes until it becomes a lightly crispy texture and golden-brown colour; place the remaining slice of bread into the bowl to use up the rest of the egg mixture. When the first slice of bread is cooked, place it onto a plate and dab dry with some kitchen roll. You can now cook the second slice of bread in the pan.

Step 4
When both slices are cooked, simply serve and enjoy if availing of the savoury option – garnishing with more salt and pepper or even some sauces of your choice of you wish. For the sweet version of this French toast recipe, dust both slices with a layer of caster sugar before serving.

As you can see, your food and meals can smartly be adapted to not just reach and maintain your health and fitness goals – but also to appeal to either your sweet or savoury cravings. Discover more recipes and meal plans like this on the Shape My Plan app which we have partnered up with here at Westpark Fitness. This means that our members can get it for only €4 per month instead of the normal cost of €12 per month!

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