Weighted Lunge – Exercise of the Week

02 Jul 2019

The weighted lunge exercise is a great way to combine free weights (in this case dumbbells or kettlebells) with bodyweight movement for a great lower body exercise. An exercise that you are sure to feel working, it targets the muscles of your lower body including the legs, hips and glutes. Learn how to complete it here with pictures of our fitness team from within Westpark Fitness.

Weighted Lunge

weighted lunge exercise

To begin, stand with a dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand keeping your feet under your hips and keeping your chest high. Like with any exercise, use weights that are heavy enough for you to manage – you can increase the weights as you become more proficient with the exercise. When ready, lunge back and lower your body by flexing your front knee until the knee of your back leg almost touches the floor – make sure to keep your torso as upright as possible.

weighted lunge exercise

Return to the starting position by driving upwards from your front knee and hip. Repeat by alternating the lunge with opposite leg. Note that some people like to do this exercise as if they are walking in a straight line and move forward with each lunge; while others prefer to say in one fixed position and just alternate the leg that is lunging each time. To make sure that both legs receive equal amounts of attention with this exercise, only count it as one repetition (rep) complete when you have completed the lunge motion on both legs.

If you need any help at all or wish to have the weighted lunge exercise shown and demonstrated to you; please feel free to ask any of our friendly fitness team! They can also advise on the optimum amount of sets and reps to complete to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals!

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