Swiss Ball Pike – Exercise of the Week

14 Aug 2019

The Swiss ball pike exercise is a great way to target and tone the abdominal muscles – using only the Swiss ball and your bodyweight. With a specific movement to master, it also works on your balance skills as your muscles have to adapt to maintain the movement as the Swiss ball itself moves on the floor. Learn how to complete it correctly here for an amazing abdominal exercise that you will really feel working with that classic ab crunch feel.

Swiss Ball Pike

swiss ball pike exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Position a Swiss ball behind your legs and then get down on the floor on all fours. Raise one leg and balance it on the ball behind you. When ready, maintain your balance as your also do this with the other leg. Keeping your balance, extend your arms fully so that only your hands are in contact with the floor and you are in a pushup position. Roll the ball backwards a bit until only your feet are resting on it and make sure that your torso stays in a straight aligned position all the way from the neck down to the spine i.e. don’t let your hips sag downwards (see the picture above).

swiss ball pike exercise of the week at westpark fitness

When ready, work to lift your hips as high up into the air as possible so that your body almost forms a ‘V’ shape as seen in the picture above. While doing this, brace your core as if you were about to be punched in the stomach. This engages the abdominal muscles and forces them to work harder because of the movement. All the while, the Swiss ball may move slightly and this is where you will really have to work to maintain balance. Hold the position at the top for a couple of seconds before returning to the start. This is one repetition (rep) complete. Please ask any of our friendly fitness team if you would like any help and guidance with this exercise (they can also demonstrate it for you) and to see what the optimum amount of sets and reps are for you to complete to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

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