Strawberry Protein Smoothie – Recipe of the Week

15 Jun 2019

Traditional protein drinks and smoothies can be very chalky and thick – undesirable and unappealing in many ways. However this strawberry protein smoothie proves different as you control the consistency and taste to your liking. Not only does it provide you with healthy and natural fruit and dairy ingredients as part of your nutrition; it is also enhanced with added protein to help build and maintain your lean muscle mass!

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

strawberry protein smoothie two classes filled with a pink stawberry smoothie surronded by strawberries on a white table

Recipe Ingredients List

  • Strawberries (150g)
  • Banana (one)
  • Natural Yoghurt (55g)
  • Strawberry Ice-Cream (one scoop)
  • Protein Powder (one scoop)
  • Ice Cubes (handful)

Step 1
Start by cutting the leaves and stems away from the strawberries and then wash them thoroughly in cold water. Add these along with half of the banana to a blender.

Step 2
Add the natural yoghurt and scoop of strawberry ice-cream to the blender too, put the lid on the blender and pulse it a couple of times until the ingredients mingle. Next add a couple of ice cubes to the blender also and then blend until the ingredients form a thick pink liquid.

Step 3
Now is the perfect time to add in the scoop of protein powder (ideally strawberry flavoured if possible) and blend once again until this is mixed through. Once ready, taste some of this with a spoon.

Step 4
At this stage your strawberry protein smoothie may be ready to serve and enjoy! However the beauty of this recipe is that you can add in some additional ice cubes to change the consistency if you wish (these work to make it a bit thicker) and also some more banana if you wish to balance out the taste a bit more. Don’t forget too that you can add even more strawberries or even the likes of orange juice if you would like to increase the sweetness!

Take control of what you are putting into your body with homemade smoothie recipes like this. The scoop of protein powder can of course be from a brand of your choice where you are free to pick the best one that suits your goals and dietary preferences such as gluten-free or vegan etc.

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