Staying fit during
the summer

26 Jun 2018

✓ Plan your training!

The earlier you get your training done the more time you’ll have to enjoy the day. Try booking a class so you commit to making time to keep your body fit and healthy.

✓ Train short and smart!

High-intensity sessions are a great way to burn lots of calories in a short period of time while you tone your body. By spiking your heart rate multiple times you will create an afterburn effect, and burn calories even when your finished training.

✓ Use Myzone!

Myzone heart rate monitors are a great way to track what you’re doing i.e. calories burned, heart rate zones used during the session and tracking every type of session you do. Try the zone match workouts to get excellent cardio sessions done in a short time while taking your mind off of the hard work.

✓ Try new things!

There is a wide variety of classes to choose from at Westpark have you tried them all? Not to mind our running club and hiking group that not only caters for all levels but encourage beginners to try something new.

✓ Eat healthily!

Summer is a great time for barbeques, try making healthy salad options. Try adding fruit and mint to water for flavour instead of fizzy drinks. And why not just host a healthy Dinner evening.

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