Shoulder Shrugs – Exercise of the Week

01 Nov 2019

While only completed with a small and very slight movement, shoulder shrugs are still a great and effective way to train your shoulders. They also target and train the trapezius muscle (traps) of the back and so act as an exercise with dual purpose like this. While shoulder shrugs can be completed using either dumbbells or a barbell, here we show you how to complete them with dumbbells.

Shoulder Shrugs

shoulder shrugs exercise of the week westpark fitness

As with any exercise which may be new to you, begin by selecting a lighter weight that you can comfortably manage for a few repetitions (reps) in a row. While lifting heavier weights can be beneficial for the likes of muscle mass and progressive overload, exercises are still hugely effective when completed with perfect from even if using a lower weight. So don’t despair if you need to pick a lighter weight to begin as with consistency and training; you will soon be comfortable with heavier ones. Stand (ideally facing a mirror) with your feet shoulder width apart, hold one dumbbell in each hand and keep your spine and posture straight and strong.

shoulder shrugs exercise of the week westpark fitness

When ready, raise your shoulders so that they move closer to your ears. Your arms should remain completely straight as the movement is driven by your shoulders. Hold this position at the top of the movement for a second before returning to the starting position. This is one rep complete and you can continue to complete the optimum amount of sets and reps to reach and maintain your goals. Anyone from our friendly fitness team can advise you on this at any time and you can also book in with them every six weeks for a free workout assessment to make sure your progress is continuing on the right track in your gym for life!

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