Smoked Salmon Salad – Recipe of the Week

26 Dec 2018

While the festive season is traditionally an indulgent time when it comes to food choices; you can still enjoy a tasty treat that is more than a little on the healthy side. Our recipe of the week does just that and it is the smoked salmon salad. This is a brilliant meal idea by Shape My Plan – the nutrition tracking app available to all Westpark Fitness members for €4 per month instead of normally being €12 per month.

salmon salad

Recipe Ingredients List

• Smoked Salmon (60g)
• Egg (one)
• Mixed Salad Leaves
• Cherry Tomatoes (4)
• Avocado (½)
• Red Onion (½)
• Cucumber (¼)
• Lime (½)
• Olive Oil (one tablespoon)
• Clove of Garlic (½)

Step 1
To hard-boil the egg, place it in a pot of boiling water for approximately six to seven minutes. While it is boiling, chop up the cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onion, cucumber and garlic and add them together to a bowl. Squeeze the lime into a bowl to obtain fresh lime juice and then mix in one tablespoon of olive oil with it.

Step 2
Remove the shell from the hardboiled egg and then slice it. Chop up the smoked salmon too into chunks or slices (whatever you would prefer) and add it along with the egg to the chopped cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onion, cucumber and garlic.

Step 3
Mix in the mixed leaves and the lime juice infused olive oil and your smoked salmon salad is now complete! If you would prefer to bulk it up that bit more, serve it with a couple of slices of brown bread (gluten-free if required).

Full of colour and flavour, consider this salad as a healthy punctuation in between the tins of sweets and selection boxes that you deserve to enjoy this festive season. Implementing a bit of balance like this recipe means that your fitness goals will be maintained as best as possible so that you can be back on track when you return to your favourite Westpark Fitness after the festivities. Not a member of Westpark Fitness yet? Click / Tap here to book a free tour of our facilities.

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