Battle Ropes – Exercise of the Week

28 Dec 2018

Have you tried using the battle ropes yet at Westpark Fitness? They are an ideal piece of equipment that can be used to work the whole body, making them a complete and highly effective cardio exercise. Here we explain how to use them – but do of course ask any of our gym staff if you would like to be shown how to use them to help reach your health and fitness goals at Westpark Fitness.

Battle Ropes

battle ropes westpark fitness trainer using them on the gym floor

One of the most common ways you will see people using battle ropes is by whipping them up and down making wave-like movements. This is a great way to mobilise the muscles of the upper body as they work to keep the thick ropes in motion. This motion also increases the heart rate and as such is a perfect way to burn calories. Battle ropes can also be incorporated into lower body exercises and can be used with the likes of lunge, jump and squat exercises. In this way, the battle ropes can be added to your fitness and workout routine for a cardio and calorie burning hit that can work both the upper and lower muscles of the body. Ensure you use correct from (as seen in the pictures above and below) and by bracing the likes of your abs, back and glutes; you can also bring them into the mix to target and tone them too.

battle ropes westpark fitness trainer showing a child how to use them on the gym floor

A great exercise and piece of equipment all round, consider them as an extra way to target your muscles from new angles and in new movements so that they react and grow. As you can see, there are many benefits to the battle ropes – simply ask any of our friendly staff for a demonstration the next time you come to your favourite premier fitness facility.

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