Overnight Oats – Recipe of the Week

16 Feb 2019

Overnight oats have become really popular in recent times and it makes sense why. Not only are they quite easy to prepare and make, they are also tasty and healthy. They provide you with slow release energy too, making them perfect to help you power through your day or to power through your next workout at Westpark Fitness.

Overnight Oats

overnight oats recipe of the week at westpatrk fitness oats in glass containers with sliced banana on top

Recipe Ingredients List
• Oatmeal (40g – either quick or rolled oats)
• Almond Milk (120ml)
• Banana (one)
• Almonds (6g)
• Chia Seeds (one tablespoon)
• Maple Syrup (one tablespoon)
• Vanilla Extract (quarter of a teaspoon)

Step 1

Use a weighing scales to measure out 40g of oatmeal and then add these into either a bowl or a mason jar. You can of course use gluten-free oats here if dietary requirements require this.

Step 2

Chop up the almonds and then add them along with the almond milk, the chia seeds, the maple syrup and the vanilla extract in with the oats too and mix all of these ingredients together. Depending on how you like the consistency and texture of the banana; you can either slice this and add it in now or wait until the other ingredients have mingled together overnight.

Step 3

Cover the bowl or mason jar with cling film and leave it in the fridge overnight. When you take it out the next day, stir it with a spoon and enjoy! If you did not add the banana to it yesterday, you can slice some now and stir the slices in.

As you can see, these overnight oats take mere minutes to make and are therefore a quick, healthy and tasty treat to make. Consider having them for your breakfast – or even as a snack throughout the day. Thank you once again to Shape My Plan for this recipe. Westpark Fitness have partnered with Shape My Plan so that our members can get his amazing recipe, information and food tracking app for only €4 owe month (usually €12 per month).

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