Outdoor Bootcamp in Tallaght

25 Jul 2019

Westpark Fitness are delighted to announce the addition of an outdoor bootcamp class to our fitness class lineup! Following our taster session of an outdoor bootcamp in Tallaght, we will now be holding this class every week on the grounds of Westpark Fitness! This is a great way to bring fun and fitness to the great outdoors while challenging your body outside of the gym environment.

Outdoor Bootcamp in Tallaght

outdoor bootcamp in tallaght

The class lasts for sixty minutes (one hour) and will incorporate classic bodyweight exercises such as burpees, push ups, squats and more! It will also involve collaborating with others who attend the class for the likes of movements and exercises that require the support of others. Included too are drills and sets to really keep the pace up, get your heart rate going and burn calories. This makes it a great class to bring your Myzone fitness tracker belt to! If you do not have one of these and are interested in buying one, please enquire at reception (learn more here).

outdoor bootcamp in tallaght

Our outdoor bootcamp in Tallaght is led by members of our educated and experienced fitness team who will adapt exercises to be completed outside in a safe and secure manner. By completing these exercises and movements outside on the actual ground instead of on the gym floor, you challenge your body to move and perform in different ways. As such, this brings a more functional fitness approach to the class – empowering your exercise with that naturalistic edge. What’s more, you will learn skills and techniques that you can use again if you ever want to make use of a park of playground etc. to exercise in when not at Westpark Fitness (ideal if you are away on holidays for example).

So why not try the Westpark Fitness outdoor bootcamp class for yourself to see if it may become your next favourite class from our fantastic fitness class lineup?! Like with all of our classes, you can book your place on the Westpark Fitness app. It is held every Tuesday and Friday at 6pm for sixty minutes!

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