New WP Burn Class at Westpark Fitness

16 Nov 2019

We are delighted to announce the new WP Burn class at Westpark Fitness! This is a class that combines circuit style training with strength, conditioning and cardio aspects to deliver a full body blast of benefits.

new wp burn class at westpark fitness

Myzone Fitness Tracker Belts

WP Burn uses the Myzone fitness tracker belts throughout the class to monitor your heart rate and track your progress through different zones and effort baselines. As such, the belts are required to take part in the class. Note that we do have demo belts available for you to use during the class, but we would recommend that you invest in your own Myzone belt (available at reception for €60) to track your progress beyond the class and for any exercise you complete both inside and outside of Westpark Fitness.

new wp burn class at westpark fitness
New Functional Training Area   
The class is held upstairs in our new functional training area where there is space for up to forty people to attend the class at any one time! Like with most of our classes, you can book your space in advance on the Westpark Fitness app. In this new area you will discover some new state-of-the-art equipment that is used within the class (such as the Max Trainers) and the area itself is closed off so that only those completing the class can use the space and equipment.

New WP Burn Class

We bring this class to our members as a new version of the Myzone class and as a way to further make fitness more immersive and fun in a bigger group setting in a new dedicated space. This is just one of the many ways that we work to make Westpark Fitness your gym for life where you experience the difference. The use of modern means with the likes of fitness tech and the classically appreciated approach of having a real and dedicated fitness team available combines for a way for you to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals!

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